May 16, 2021

KFH … is the best Islamic financial institution in the world

Al-Rashood: The victory is a culmination of KFH’s efforts to provide the highest level of Islamic financial services

The achievement reflects the important successes achieved by the group and contributed to the improvement of banking services globally

– «KFH Takaful» is the most prominent Takaful insurance company in the world

– The group’s banks in Turkey and Germany won the title of the best Islamic financial institution in the two countries

“Kuwait Finance House” (KFH) won the “Best Islamic Financial Institution in the World for 2021” award from the global “Global Finance” group in the 14th edition of the awards given by the magazine annually.

Global Finance awarded KFH the best Islamic project financing provider in the world, in addition to KFH Takaful being awarded the best Takaful insurance company in the world, KFH-Turkey award for the best Islamic financial institution in Turkey, and KFH. Germany », Best Islamic Financial Institution in Europe.

Global Finance bases its assessment of Islamic financial institutions on the opinions of bankers, analysts and specialized financial experts from all over the world.

Precise criteria

The magazine sets accurate professional standards and methodology built to measure the performance of these institutions, including business and product development, the ability to meet the needs of a diverse customer base in all sectors, as well as technological innovation in service provision, product quality, institution’s reputation, customer satisfaction, geographical spread, strategic relationships, and commitment. By ethical standards.

The assigned CEO of KFH, Abdul Wahab Issa Al-Rashoud, said that winning the award for “Best Islamic Bank in the World” is a culmination of KFH’s efforts to provide the highest level of Islamic financial services.

Especially after the important successes he achieved and contributed to the upgrading of the banking services industry in the world, and his keenness to provide systematic and legislative support to spread the Islamic finance industry.

Al-Rashoud added that the prizes that the bank won are due thanks to the clear contributions made by the group, in the growth of the Islamic finance industry in all the markets in which it operates, and its success in meeting customers’ needs for banking products that are compatible with the provisions of Islamic Sharia and establishing the pillars of the sustainability of the growth of the Islamic finance industry in the future. With high efficiency and keeping pace with the latest financing and banking technologies.

He pointed out that the excellence of KFH Group is reflected in its keeping pace with the development of digital banking services, adoption of technology and commitment to the highest levels of professionalism, best risk management standards, and prudent practices.

Extensive experiences

He emphasized that KFH has extensive experience in Islamic banking, issuing sukuk to banks, companies and governments, arranging major financing deals for mega development projects in the field of infrastructure, covering many vital sectors and contributing to advancing the economy and developing many financial products and alternatives. And financing options, which are currently dealt with in international markets.

Al-Rashoud stated that the winning of some of the Group’s banks for the best Islamic financial institution in their markets, along with the victory of its subsidiaries, indicates the extent of readiness and capacity of all banking units in the group, and the harmonious and harmonious performance that proceeds according to specific and clear rules and regulations and on sound foundations that reflect the efforts that have begun. Years ago to unify work systems and enhance transparency, coordination and cooperation between its units.

It is noteworthy that “Global Finance” magazine was established in 1987 and is headquartered in New York. It has a presence in more than 189 countries around the world, and has 34 years of experience in the global financial markets.

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