May 16, 2021

Louay Maqamis: “Al-Ahly” is raising financial awareness locally

The Chief Executive Officer of Al Ahli Bank of Kuwait in Kuwait, Louay Maqamis, indicated the bank’s support for the vision and initiatives of the Central Bank of Kuwait, and its commitment to raising financial awareness in society.

He said that the “Let’s be aware” campaign launched by the Central Bank of Kuwait and the Federation of Kuwait Banks in cooperation with local banks, to enhance financial awareness among all segments of society, directs financial institutions to enhance their social responsibility efforts towards educating customers about their rights in all banking operations.

Shatti support

He added that many major issues have been covered since the beginning of this important campaign, and that applying best financial practices and security standards would lead to more confidence in dealing with the banking system.

He added that having a safe environment for the implementation of personal transactions will lead to a better financial climate in general, strengthening the country’s standing and upgrading its ranking in the main global standards for financial literacy and financial inclusion, and access to advanced insights in this regard.

Maqamis explained that the development in the digital lifestyle has become evident in all aspects of life, and is affecting everyone, especially the finance sector.

He pointed out that as fast as bank clients adopt and adopt new and advanced methods of banking services, Al-Ahly wants to ensure that clients are provided with correct and documented information to increase their expertise and protect their resources.

He mentioned that the “Let’s be aware” campaign is an initiative with a clear vision, hoping that customers and every resident of Kuwait will benefit from it to learn about their rights and responsibilities.

The campaign includes basic information on related banking services and practices, such as a complaint mechanism, bank cards, combating fraud and fraud, providing advice on cybersecurity protocols, and important advice on loans and borrowings.

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