June 8, 2023

Lyon-Marseille incidents: in his report, the OL-OM referee mentions alleged threats from Jean-Michel Aulas

Three weeks later, the sad Lyon-Marseille, arrested after a bottle was thrown at Dimitri Payet, continues to be talked about. “It’s not going to stop there”, would have launched the Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas to the referee of Lyon-Marseille, who refused to resume the meeting, according to an arbitration report consulted by AFP, and which also implicates the Marseille coach Jorge Sampaoli.

According to extracts from this incident report written by Ruddy Buquet, OL-OM’s main referee, the Lyon club boss would have taken advantage of his presence on the Executive Committee of the French Football Federation to promote the idea of ​​not “not stop there” concerning the decision of the arbitrator, himself placed under the supervision of the FFF.

“I would like to point out that Mr. Aulas Jean-Michel, president of Olympique Lyonnais, made the following comments when leaving my locker room: ‘The competition depends on the LFP, you on the FFF, unfortunately I am part of the Comex and it will not stop there’, can we read in one of the extracts of the document, sent by Mr. Buquet to the disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League (LFP).

“These are incomplete remarks, taken out of context and relating to the incomprehension between the League which communicates on the resumption of the match while at the same time the referee changed position by stopping the match for reasons then not explained“, reacted to AFP a spokesperson for OL.

Other extracts from the arbitration report, consulted by AFP, show behavior “moved” by Jorge Sampaoli, who would have been “a little carried away” with regard to Mr. Buquet. The latter would have “behaved, gestures more and more inappropriate towards me by repeatedly pointing fingers in my locker room” and by making remarks not transcribed by his translator, points to the arbitration report.

The disciplinary committee is due to meet on Wednesday (6 p.m.) to discuss the follow-up to be given to the interruption of the match at 0-0 and after only four minutes of play, caused by a jet of a plastic water bottle in the face of the Marseillais Dimitri Payet.

On November 22, the body sanctioned Olympique Lyonnais for the total closed door of its stadium as a precaution, while the author of the bottle throwing was sentenced by justice to six months in prison suspended in immediate appearance.

At the end of its investigation, the committee must decide both on Lyon’s responsibility in this incident and on the fate of the interrupted match, while the L1 season has been punctuated by serious incidents in the stands since this summer.

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