April 16, 2021

Many children are equipped with drowning prevention skills – VnExpress Life

At a recent swimming class in Dien Ban town, Quang Nam province, the atmosphere was very exciting. With items such as life jackets, life buoys, life sticks, primary school children are instructed to practice drowning skills, safety in water environment … Some children have been able to swim for a few years but still unfamiliar with these skills should be excited to implement. Teachers also integrate many active games for children to make the lesson more interesting and create an exciting emulation atmosphere.

It is a common recognition in some swimming classes implemented by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the program “Safe swimming, child drowning prevention”. The program has been held from 2017 up to now, in cooperation with the General Department of Sports and Sports; Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs; Ministry of Education and Training and related departments and organizations. As the brand that encourages children to grow up with sports, Nestlé MILO has accompanied the program with many practical activities.

Up to now, in 63 provinces and cities, over 80% of districts and towns have planned and implemented the program. Millions of children can swim, equipped with basic drowning prevention skills during the past 3 years (2017-2020).

In our country, drowning is a common accident among children. Teaching children to swim is one of the most important tasks of both the community and society. According to the General Department of Sports and Sports, since the implementation of the program “Safe swimming, child drowning prevention”, the rate of children learning to swim and how to swim has increased from less than 30% (in 2016) to more than 35% (in 2019). The number of children dying from drowning has decreased from over 3,000 children (2015) to less than 2,000 (2018).

Through swimming lessons held in wards and communes during the summer, swimming lessons at school …, elementary and high school students are taught to swim, equipped with knowledge about drowning prevention, swimming skills, floating in water, escaping in water …

In the two years of 2018-2019, the General Department of Fitness and Sports, with the companions of Nestlé MILO, printed 10,000 flyers of drowning prevention skills, 5,000 leaflets, 10,000 drowning prevention manuals and 2 documents. for swimming instructors. Thanks to these documents, information can be transmitted to children and teenagers visually and vividly.

Teaching swimming, learning to swim not only for children to protect themselves, but also evokes the spirit of love for sports, improving their health and developing stature. Many school swimming tournaments were held to give students the opportunity to practice methodically, at the same time discover and foster qualified individuals.

Since 2017, Nestlé MILO has also included swimming in the list of sports in the program “Dynamic Vietnam”, organizing the entire student swimming tournament. The swimming tournament is a place where hundreds of primary and secondary students in many provinces and cities will compete, becoming a “bridge” to help teachers and coaches increase learning and sharing experiences.

From these playgrounds, the future preschools gradually develop a love for swimming. These activities inspire youth to sport, help young people actively exercise, build active lifestyles.

This year, Nestlé MILO accompanies the General Department of Physical Training and Sports “To pilot swimming teaching, evaluation criteria for children who can swim, drowning skills” in 4 provinces, including Quang Nam, Hai Phong, Can Tho, Hanoi.

The program has more innovative contents and methods compared to previous years such as diving skills; moving body posture; escape in water environment; safe drowning skills … The General Department of Gymnastics and Sports also gives three criteria to test and evaluate children who can swim, safety skills in water environment.

The program has trained nearly 400 students from communes, wards, towns and schools of 4 provinces. According to Nestlé MILO, this is the first time children have learned safety skills in water environment, safe drowning skills to save themselves and friends. Many swimming guides, teachers and students excitedly joined the program, learned important skills and organized exciting games.

Mr. Nguyen Tu Linh, an officer of the Center for Culture, Sports and Television of Dien Ban Town (Quang Nam), shared that after 4 days of participating in the training course for swimming instructors, children drowning staff, he found the program very useful. This year, the skills taught learners are interesting through movement games, making them easy to apply in practice. Swimming teachers and instructors can organize students in the classroom so that they can grasp skills easily and participate with a cheerful spirit.

Representatives of the Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Quang Nam province shared, through the pilot activities of swimming lessons, evaluation criteria for children who can swim, drowning prevention skills this year, students in the field. The province has been able to exercise physical training, improve health with swimming, have more knowledge about drowning prevention skills.

Teaching children to swim and drowning prevention is a sport activity in the Dynamic Vietnam program (under Project 641), jointly implemented by Nestlé MILO and the Ministry of Education and Training, the General Department of Physical Education and Sports.

Accompanying with the program “Safe Swimming, Child Drowning Prevention” from the early days, actively contributing to the reduction of child drowning accidents has once again affirmed the commitment of Nestlé MILO to the community. nurture and develop a dynamic and healthy generation of Vietnamese children.

In addition to swimming, the series of sports activities associated with the Nestlé MILO brand such as the Phu Dong Healthy Football Association, the Ho Chi Minh City Student Basketball Tournament, the Vovinam Prize … for many years have inspired the products. Thousands of children approach sports in many forms, find their passion for sport.

Through sports, children will learn lessons about confidence, determination, and perseverance … Nestlé MILO believes that regardless of the circumstances, how the child’s physique, the child’s starting point. Why sport always finds a champion in your youth and with sport, everyone is a champion.

Content: Kim Uyen

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