January 28, 2023

Matteo Messina Denaro’s disease: colon cancer with metastases is among the most lethal

In a case like the one involving Matteo Messina Denaro, survival on average can reach 24-36 months on average

With over 43,700 new cases registered each year, that at the colon the second most frequent type of tumor in our country and also the second among the deadliest: five-year survival after diagnosis is now around 65%. The use of the scalpel is usually the first step and may be sufficient to aspire to definitive healing, if the tumor is identified in an early stage.

According to reports, for Matteo Messina Denaro had already been operated on two years ago and, after the appearance of liver metastases, had undergone another operation. And now being treated with chemotherapy. In case of liver metastases chemotherapy is a standard treatment to prolong survival and counteract symptoms of pathology,” he explains Carmine Pinto, director of medical oncology at the Ausl-Irccs of Reggio Emilia —. It is usually prescribed for several months and, based on the specific subtype of tumor present in each patient (if a certain genetic mutation is present), so-called molecularly targeted drugs can be added to extend the time available to patients.

When liver metastases occur in a person operated on for colorectal cancer, the first step is to evaluate whether these are operable: in about 30% of patients in whom the metastases are surgically removed and the neoplasm does not recur, in fact, survival can even exceed 10 years of life. When, on the other hand, the intervention is not feasible or there is then a recurrence of the tumor, we have it available different lines of therapy (chemo, possibly associated with target therapy or drugs with a molecular target) – continues Pinto, who is also president of the Federation of Italian Cooperative Oncology Groups (FICOG) -. More or less 90% of patients manage to complete a first line, 60-70% also the second, 40-50% reach the third line: different drugs that they slow down the progression of the tumor and buy timein good quality of life, to the sick.

Can it be healed? How much time is left to live to a person in this stage of the disease? Impossible to give an answer without knowing the specific situation precisely – replies the expert -. To date, the survival of a patient with metastatic colorectal cancer can reach up to 36 monthsif you get to the third line
. It all depends on many variables: the general health conditions of the patient, the amount of metastases, their location. We need to understand how many lines of therapy the individual manages to overcome, how much the tumor has spread, how aggressive, if and how much the treatments have an effect.

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