June 1, 2023

Monkeypox: why are cases of monkeypox counted as we did for cases of Covid-19?

DECRYPTION – Since May, the media and researchers have regularly shared the figures for the monkeypox epidemic, even if they are much lower than those for Covid-19.

51 confirmed cases in France, 21 in the United States, three suspected cases in Morocco… It is difficult to miss the epidemiological monitoring of monkeypox. Since May 2022, the WHO and Public Health France have regularly published the number of new contaminations, which are then taken up in the media and disseminated to the general public. Just at Figaro, we have taken over and published more than twenty articles on monkeypox. This echoes, recently, the media treatment of cases of contamination with Covid-19. However, the figures are not as important, nor the health consequences. Among the cases investigated by Public Health France, only one “was hospitalized but is no longer to this day” and “none died“, specifies the last point of situation. Given these facts, why are these figures published so regularly? Should we be worried, or simply see it as a habit acquired since the Covid-19 crisis?

The disease count…

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