October 28, 2021

“NBK” is unique in providing registration by applying “My Identity” in various sites

NBK affirmed its endeavor to always provide all new and exceptional services to meet the needs of its customers and ensure that their banking transactions are completed quickly and easily.

In this context, the bank provides the registration service on the “My Identity” application, and the approval of the digital civil ID card for its distinguished customers from different locations through the National Mobile Branch.

Registering in the “My Identity” application helps to prove the identity, authentication and electronic signature of all banking transactions with him.

The “National” mobile branch service is available during the working hours of the branches from 8:30 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.

The Director of the Digital Service Quality Department, Hala Al-Shuaibi, said that NBK puts the comfort of its customers at the forefront of its concerns, and is keen to find out their daily needs, identify their aspirations, and work hard, to anticipate their expectations and provide the distinguished services that allow them to complete their transactions easily and quickly.

She added that “NBK is the first bank in Kuwait to launch this type of services in which customers benefit from the mobile branch service,” and that registering by applying “my identity” and electronic signature are important steps within its strategy to increase reliance on digital channels to finish transactions without the need to visit the branch.

She emphasized that the exceptional circumstances during the past months as a result of Corona and the challenges it imposed, proved the bank’s success in providing its banking services, in conjunction with preserving the safety of its customers and meeting their needs, which reflects its superiority in providing digital services, and its customers ’reliance on completing their transactions using its electronic channels.

Al-Shuaibi stated that the bank will not stop providing everything exceptional, and anticipate what rapid technological developments will impose on the future and nature of banking services, in a way that enriches the banking experience of its customers and establishes its leadership in providing the most advanced services.

This comes within the framework of the bank’s efforts to encourage its customers to use digital banking services, foremost among which is the “NBK Online” service and the “NBK Mobile Banking” service. Last July, it signed a cooperation agreement with the Public Authority for Civil Information to approve the digital civil card through the “My Identity” application. To prove the identity, authentication and electronic signature of all his banking transactions.

Under the agreement, the bank provides self-service machines known as “KIOSK” in a number of its branches to provide data updating services and the creation of certified electronic signature to individuals.

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