April 16, 2021

NBK organizes a lecture for its employees on driving in difficult times

The National Bank of Kuwait, in the presence of the various departments’ managers, organized a lecture entitled “Leadership in difficult times and developing high-performance teams” presented by Scott Miller, one of the most prominent experts in the world in the field of leadership and team development.

The lecture, which was held remotely, aimed to shed light on the guidance that every manager needs to be successful, including elements of support, strategies and tactics that help in the process of developing him as a successful leader, and stimulating the energies of team members to reach optimal performance.

Miller demonstrated ways to increase the participation and interaction of team members and effective ways to better understand the problems facing them through individual simulations that contribute effectively to solving these problems.

The lecture, which witnessed remarkable interaction and the presence of 200 bank employees, focused on the need for leaders to learn skills to create clarity regarding team goals and desired results, delegate responsibilities to team members while providing the appropriate level of support, in addition to using good planning to focus on the most important priorities that help enhance their capabilities. To be effective in their institutions.

During the lecture, Miller shed light on how to create a culture that receives feedback and feedback, which contributes to building confidence and efficiency and at the same time increases the performance of the leader and the team at the same time.

Scott Miller is one of the most prominent experts specializing in leadership and developing the skills of business leaders worldwide. He has many books, the most prominent of which is his best-selling book, according to the Wall Street Journal, “Everyone Deserves a Great Manager.”

Miller writes a weekly column on leadership for the popular magazine Inc, and hosts the largest and fastest podcast in the world dedicated to leadership development.

Najla Al-Saqr, Director of the Talent Department in Human Resources of the National Group, said that holding such events comes in line with the bank’s commitment to continue developing its human cadres as they are its real wealth and most important asset.

Al-Saqr added that NBK has been providing the best development and training opportunities for its employees, with the aim of unleashing their innovative potential and energies, which is translated by its leadership in providing the best banking services and products locally and regionally.

She emphasized that the bank considers its human cadres the mainstay of its distinction, and is working to develop and train them in order to prepare talented individuals for major roles in the future, which ensures the continuous development of the quality of its services and meets the needs of its customers.

Efficiency of employees

NBK, despite the circumstances imposed by the Corona pandemic, has not stopped raising the efficiency of its employees, by providing them with many online training programs and courses, which were developed in cooperation with the largest institutions and universities around the world, in line with the requirements of the labor market, thanks to hard work and effort. Which was done by the Human Resources Group, with the aim of developing the infrastructure for training and development platforms by introducing the latest technical methods and interactive digital tools, at a time when most of the methodology of training programs has changed.

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