April 16, 2021

NBK provides a 15% cashback on associations’ purchases

Al Nisf: We are keen to share with our customers exceptional rewards that suit their needs during Ramadan

Rewarding customers for using electronic payment solutions and adopting digital channels

Al Kashti: We seek to provide consumers with a distinctive shopping experience and meet their needs in the holy month

NBK affirmed its keenness to provide exceptional rewards to its customers on holidays and events throughout the year, revealing that it will provide a unique and exclusive shopping experience during the blessed month of Ramadan to its customers when purchasing from cooperative societies spread all over Kuwait, in cooperation with the Union of Cooperative and Consumer Associations.

Customers get 15 percent cashback on their purchases from associations when using electronic payment solutions “Samsung Pay”, “Garmin Pay” and “Fitbit Pay”, and a cashback of 5 percent when using “NBK” credit cards or Eligible prepaid, provided that the campaign ends on May 15th.

The upholstery and the hook

The Deputy General Manager of the Bank’s Personal Banking Services Group, Hisham Al-Nisf, congratulated the customers on the advent of the blessed month of Ramadan, stressing that NBK seeks to participate with them throughout the year by providing exclusive and exceptional rewards in line with their needs.

Al-Nisf praised the cooperation with the Federation of Cooperative and Consumer Societies, stressing the keenness of “NBK” to provide its capabilities and its solid relations with leading institutions in providing exceptional and distinctive services and offers to its customers.

He added that they will be rewarded for their use of eligible electronic payment solutions and credit or prepaid cards, in order to preserve their safety and encourage them to use the pioneering digital payment services and solutions that it provides to them. Paying throughout the year, in order to contribute to the provision of a distinctive lifestyle that is in line with their aspirations and meets their needs.

For his part, Chairman of the Federation of Cooperative Societies Fahad Al-Kashti congratulated the people of Kuwait on the onset of the blessed month of Ramadan, expressing his happiness in cooperating with a pioneering institution of the size of “Al-Watani” and contributing to support its customers in obtaining a distinctive shopping experience.

Al-Kishti stressed the cooperative societies ’readiness to meet all consumers’ needs during the month of Ramadan, and to provide special offers commensurate with that occasion.

How to participate

NBK stated that customers wishing to participate in this campaign must register through the bank’s official website, and spend a minimum of 400 dinars on all purchases during it.

Each customer receives a cashback of a maximum of 100 dinars, and 50 dinars for each payment method, while the “NBK” credit cards are the best way to complete the payments, as using them gives the customer a lot of ease and advantages, especially when shopping using a credit card, including the two “Rewards” program. NBK, and NBK Miles, in addition to the purchase protection service, the extended warranty service, and others.

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