June 24, 2021

NBK supports the “LOYAC” program to educate youth about cybercrime

The National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) supported the Cybercrime Awareness Program, which is organized by the Voluntary Loyac Foundation, and targets youth from 15 to 25 years old.

In a statement, the bank pointed out that this initiative comes within NBK’s annual sponsorship of the Foundation’s activities, as the program addresses a workshop with young people via “online” to raise awareness of the laws of information technology crimes and programs that fall under the law, with the aim of raising community awareness of the principles of safety on the Internet. A group of experts and specialists in this type of crime from the Ministry of Interior will also participate in the awareness program.

He pointed out that the program lasts for 3 weeks and aims to enhance young people’s awareness of the need to work to protect themselves and society from the challenges posed by such crimes.

“The bank’s sponsorship of this program stems from its social mission aimed at supporting all segments of society, especially young people, with the aim of educating them about how to deal with the threat of cybercrime and directing them towards the optimal exploitation of the information revolution,” said Joan Al-Abduljalil, Public Relations Officer at NBK.

She added that the support of LOYAC is part of the basic social responsibility programs that the Bank supports annually, with the aim of enhancing communication with humanitarian development institutions to help them perform their mission to the fullest, with the aim of encouraging a culture of volunteer and social work and serving the country and Kuwaiti society.

She emphasized that NBK continues annually its humanitarian initiatives and support for social care programs, believing in its role in embodying social responsibility and its effective impact in serving the community and its children, and it also reflects the leading role it has played in this field for decades.

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