May 28, 2022

NBK unleashes the youth of Kuwait with “empowerment”

– Issam Al-Sager: Supporting young people in their careers is a real investment in the future
Sheikha Al-Bahr: Quality education is a priority to shape a better future
Salah Al-Fulaij: Young people should raise their ambitions and have passion to achieve the desired career development
Suleiman Al-Marzouq: Dedication to work is the key to development in the private sector
Faisal Al-Hamad: We must have flexibility, a spirit of innovation, and a relentless pursuit of knowledge

The activities of the new edition of the “Takkan” program to train Kuwaitis with university degrees, which is sponsored and strategically supported by the National Bank of Kuwait, has been launched for the third year in a row, and organized by the “Creative Confidence” company.

The Bank hosts the trainees, who number about 34 trainees, in various training sites at its headquarters for approximately 3 months, from January 18 to March 27, 2022. It provides the trainees with courses that develop their skills and qualify them to enter the labor market.

Career Prime trainees are new hires

The program was launched during a ceremony held at the bank’s headquarters and followed safety guidelines and social distancing rules. A panel discussion was held with the trainees in the presence of the bank’s executive management, as part of its keenness to support initiatives that contribute to empowering and developing Kuwaiti youth and preparing them to lead the future.

Issam Al-Sager, Group CEO of NBK Group, Sheikha Al-Bahr, Deputy CEO of NBK Group, Salah Al-Fulaij, CEO of NBK-Kuwait, Sulaiman Al-Marzouq, Deputy CEO of NBK-Kuwait, and CEO of NBK Wealth Management were presented at the panel discussion. Faisal Al-Hamad, General Manager of Group Human Resources Imad Al-Ablani, and General Manager of Personal Banking Services Group, Mohammed Al-Othman.

Investing in the future

Al-Sager stressed that the bank’s sponsorship of the “Takan” program comes within the framework of its firm commitment to the youth and support them in their career path, as a real investment in the future, indicating that NBK seeks to give them priority always, as this guarantees a prosperous future for Kuwait.

He explained that these and other initiatives come within the Bank’s commitment to its social responsibility and its role in achieving sustainable development, which depends on preparing a generation with a spirit of innovation, hard work and the ability to take responsibility.

He stressed that NBK, as the largest Kuwaiti private sector institution, always provides a model in carrying out its role and responsibility towards society, by contributing to the rehabilitation of young national cadres.

Al-Sager said, “The remarkable success achieved by the program over the past years constituted a great incentive to continue our sponsorship and support for the new version of the program. Therefore, I ask the trainees to show perseverance to achieve their future goals, which will only be achieved through hard work and effort.”

quality of education

For her part, Al-Bahar stressed that investing in youth means investing in a better future, and that the quality of education must be a top priority to build a better future for the country.

Al-Bahr called on the government to work hard to develop the entire system of education, including the various stages of the educational process, in addition to the human element represented by educational cadres.

Al-Bahar said, “What we are witnessing of rapid and changing development in all sectors and different industries and their dependence on technology, requires us to develop human capital to keep pace with this development to achieve sustainable growth, because the absence of well-qualified cadres means the inability to manage the country’s wealth in the future.”

Al-Bahr explained that the “Corona” pandemic demonstrated the importance of digitization, and the urgent need to qualify young people for a future characterized by development and rapid change, noting the need to work on the radical change of education to keep pace with the needs of the labor market, which is now looking for competencies and experienced in the fields of modern technology, which include Artificial intelligence, robot systems and programming.

She called on the youth to work diligently in order to prepare for the future so that they would be an active element in the development of Kuwait.

Have passion

For his part, Al-Fulaij called on young people to raise the bar of their ambitions and have the passion to achieve the desired career development, pointing out that the development of personal skills and the urgency in seeking knowledge and learning are critical factors that ensure the success of their career path and contribute to occupying the highest leadership positions in the future.

He stressed that assuming a leadership position in NBK was left behind by a long journey that continued for years of effort and giving, and a continuous quest for self-investment, pointing out that success requires a quest for development and a mind that has a desire to learn and a thirst for achievement.

performance and dedication

In turn, Al-Marzouq pointed out that the government sector has a problem with the fairness of the job evaluation process, which creates great frustration for young people aspiring to a successful career path.

He pointed out that performance and dedication to work are the keys to development in the private sector, which provides good guidance factors for refining personal skills, and contributes to identifying strengths and weaknesses for personal skills development.

He stressed that the current generation has much better capabilities and capabilities than previous generations, adding, “We are now living in a more developed and open era, and all that a successful person needs is to develop a strategic plan to deal with strengths and highlight the skills that he possesses.”

Investing in oneself

In a related context, Al-Hamad advised Kuwaiti youth to invest in themselves, plan early for the future and focus on an encouraging work environment that contributes to learning and development.

Al-Hamad called on young people to search for an ideal that stimulates latent energies and helps development and thinking, which constitutes a pivotal sign in the development of the individual’s personality during his professional career, calling on them to enjoy flexibility, a spirit of innovation and a tireless pursuit of knowledge in order to keep pace with the great transformation witnessed by the labor market.

skill refinement

The Director of Strategic Planning at Creative Confidence, Rana Al-Rasheed, expressed her happiness with NBK’s partnership and support for the “Takaful” program for the third year in a row, noting that it will work for 10 weeks to qualify trainees and hone their skills for the real labor market.

She stated that the program constitutes an innovative training experience for Kuwaiti graduates who need support in facing employment challenges or establishing their own businesses, due to the development of the required skills and experience they possess.

She indicated that Creative Confidence is a Kuwaiti consultancy and training company specialized in stimulating innovation and creativity, and providing practical training experiences for Kuwaiti graduates with the aim of developing young national cadres.

latent energies

The “Tamakan” program requires the full commitment of the trainees, as it is a full-time job experience, and aims to develop the personal skills necessary for a practical life, motivate Kuwaiti youth to explore the potential and energies inherent within them, and unleash the creativity of young cadres.

The program is based on the blended learning model through personal attendance and online training, using electronic platforms and interactive tools for distance education, and focuses on many themes and workshops dealing with creativity and innovation, design thinking, business model design, career exploration and creating solutions to avoid risks.

Remarkable turnout

Due to the great success achieved by the program in its first and second editions, requests to participate in it witnessed a remarkable turnout, as the number of applicants reached 550 applicants and approximately 150 personal interviews were conducted, after which the number of trainees has increased to 34 trainees, in addition to developing the methodology and design of educational materials through Hosting international experts and holding workshops, with the aim of stimulating the creative energies of the trainees.

great supporter

The trainees expressed their thanks to NBK for supporting and embracing the program and providing its long-standing expertise, to develop their skills and qualify them to the labor market in a professional manner, with its highly professional institutional style.

NBK supports various social initiatives that are compatible with Kuwait’s national development plan, empowering youth and promoting education, in the belief that youth are the true wealth of the state and the basis of the country’s development.

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