May 16, 2021

New updates to “NBK Mobile Banking”

Al-Shuaibi: We are keen to continuously develop the program to enrich our customers’ banking experience

Rewarding customers for using our digital services and keeping them safe are two main pillars of our strategy

The “NBK Mobile Banking” service program comes at the forefront of services that provide customers with an easy and convenient way to complete transactions quickly and easily at any time and from anywhere. Therefore, NBK continuously develops this service and adds updates to it constantly, providing customers with the ability to do many Transactions themselves and without the need to visit the branch.

In the past few days, the bank launched a set of updates to enable customers to update their data, including their mobile number and e-mail, without the need to visit the branch through the “NBK Mobile Banking” service. It also launched the service of obtaining the waiting number in the branch electronically, “eQMatic”, through the program. In addition, the bank launched a campaign to reward its customers for using the transfer program from receiving text messages to the notification service.

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Updating data

Within the framework of the bank’s keenness to provide the latest digital services that contribute to customers ’completion of all their transactions comfortably and easily while ensuring their safety, NBK launched the new improvement of the data update service through the“ NBK Mobile Phone ”service program, as part of the updates included in the new version of the program.

To ensure the safety and confidentiality of customers ’personal information, an employee of the“ NBK Call Center ”calls the customer who updated his data via mobile within one working day of updating the data to verify his identity and the new data that he updated.

The availability of the service of obtaining the waiting number in the branch electronically “eQMatic” through the service of the “NBK Mobile Phone” program. The bank customers have the time that they can spend inside the branch to finish their transactions in the shortest possible time, and it also contributes to reducing the crowding inside the branch, as part of the keenness of “NBK” To provide a more comfortable customer experience as well as keep them safe.

Bank customers can book an appointment to visit any of its branches in an easy way through the service page through the bank’s website “” or through the “NBK Mobile Banking” service, where the appointment booking is confirmed successfully through the customer’s receipt of an e-mail message. .

Transfer notifications

NBK seeks to enhance the dependence of its customers on the bank’s digital channels to finish their transactions, and to encourage them to use electronic payment solutions.

In this context, the bank has launched a campaign that allows those who register in the “NBK Mobile Phone” service program or transfer from receiving text messages to the notification service the opportunity to enter a draw and receive special prizes, in order to ensure that NBK rewards its customers throughout the year. Through a variety of campaigns, sweepstakes and prizes that are tailored to meet their needs and aspirations.

The campaign, which was launched on April 26th, extends for a period of 3 months until July 10, 2021, as it allows customers to enter a twice-monthly draw for premium prizes from Huawei in the event of one-time registration in the “NBK Mobile Phone” service program or switching from text messages to the notification service. It also provides an opportunity to enter the draw for all customers who have switched to the notification service since its launch last November.

On this occasion, Hala Al-Shuaibi, Director of the Digital Service Quality Department at NBK said, “We seek to enrich the banking experience that our customers get, and we aim to provide all means that contribute to their comfort and speedy completion of their transactions, and we rely on the service of the (NBK Mobile) program. ) That we seek to continuously develop and add more services and improvements to it.

Al-Shuaibi added, “The service of obtaining a waiting number in the branch electronically (eQMatic) through the service of the (NBK through mobile) program will greatly improve the experience of visiting the branch, which comes within our efforts to provide more advanced digital services to our customers and take the necessary measures to maintain their safety. ».

She emphasized NBK’s commitment to preserving the safety of its customers and the confidentiality and security of their personal data in conjunction with their access to the most advanced banking services and payment solutions. Therefore, updating data is one of the most important auxiliary factors in this regard, pointing to NBK’s commitment to reward its customers and encourage them to use digital services. Especially from the youth segment who are most dependent on electronic payment solutions and digital services that suit their lifestyle.

Increase customer satisfaction rate

“NBK” added dozens of new services and updates to the “NBK Mobile Banking” program during the previous period, which contributed to an increase in the rate of customer satisfaction, as these updates enabled them to finish all their banking transactions quickly and easily, including: the bill division service, and notifications of all transactions It is done on customer accounts.

The “NBK Mobile Banking” service enables customers to carry out many banking transactions quickly and easily, the most prominent of which are: transferring funds locally and internationally, “NBK Quick Pay” service, electronic payments service, adding new beneficiaries, increasing the monthly transfer limit, accessing bank transactions, And pay the dues of the credit card.

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