January 28, 2023

Night sweats: this is why it is sometimes excessive. And why does stress have to do with it

According to a study published in The Journal of Family Practicenight sweats are very common: of the 2,267 patients tested 41 percent reported having had them in the last month and this rate is probably higher in the real world since people don’t report the problem.

We asked Professor Antonino Di Pietro, scientific director of the Vita Cutis Dermoclinic Institute in Milan, if night sweats are normal: It is part of daily sweating – he explained -. We sweat all the time even if we don’t notice it. The body sweats for thermoregulation, to maintain the humidity of the skin (against dryness) and for the transmission of pheromones (a function more developed in animals but not completely lost in humans). There are three types of sweat: euhidrosis (the classic colorless and odorless one linked to thermoregulation), chromiumhidrosis (coloured, which stains clothes), bromohidrosis (which emits a bad smell).

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