May 28, 2022

Olympic Games: Beijing ready to host the Winter Games



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D-16 before the Winter Olympics in China. Beijing is ready, in waiting for this are the Chinese who benefit from it.

The twenty-fourth Winter Olympics begin in sixteen days. Beijing can boast of being the only city in the world to have organized games summer and winter games, it is a source of pride for an entire country. In this northern China where the thermometer is close to zero during the day, the Pekingese indulge in the joys of ice cream. “I’m so happy that the Olympics are happening here in the capital”, rejoices a young woman.

From OJ at make it dizzy. Great showcase to convert young people Chinese to the joys of winter sports, such as curling or ice Hockey. “I think it’s the best opportunity for children to get into sport”, matches a locale. The Olympic spirit is beginning to float over the capital and on the ski slopes around Beijing, because the Chinese are getting into it. “The slopes are of Olympic standard, it’s a privilege to be able to ski here”, appreciates a resident. The OJ winter will not have the same magic as those of summer 2008 in Beijing, Covid-19 obliges.

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