April 16, 2021

Opening of the 2023 Mondial ticket office to the general public: the 3 ways to get the precious sesame

The ticket office for the 2023 Rugby World Cup, scheduled from September 8 to October 28, 2023 in France, opens to the general public this Tuesday, April 6 from 6 p.m. on the internet. After a first sales session in mid-March, during which 310,000 tickets were gone in a few hours, 350,000 new tickets will be put on sale in the form of packs per city or per team. Here are the three ways to get the precious sesame.

• Tickets by city

Although all the posters contested in the nine host cities (Bordeaux, Lille, Lyon, Marseille, Nice, Nantes, Saint-Denis, Saint-Etienne, Toulouse) are not yet known – some qualifying phases for the World Cup are still underway – it is possible to buy packs of three or five group matches played in the same stadium.

Holders of a Saint-Denis (Stade de France) pack will notably attend France – New Zealand, South Africa – Ireland or even Ireland – Scotland. Among the matches played in Marseille, two posters are already known: England – Argentina and South Africa – Scotland.

In Lyon, Wales will be opposed to Australia and France to Italy. In Nice, England will meet Japan and in Nantes, Wales will challenge Fiji. Finally, by purchasing the Nantes pack, spectators will see, among other things, Japan face Argentina.

• Team tickets

It is also possible to concentrate on a single formation, by taking a “Teams” pack which includes all the group matches of a nation plus the optional quarter-final (ie 4 or 5 matches in different cities). A total of twelve packs will be offered, one per team already qualified. To attend the meetings of the Blues (including France – New Zealand and France – Italy), it will thus be necessary to go to Saint-Denis, Lille, Lyon and Marseille.

• Individual tickets available in 2022

To buy single tickets, you will have to be patient: individual tickets will not be sold until September 2022, once the sale of packs has ended. The “City” and “Team” ticket packs will be on sale from 6:00 pm this Tuesday April 6 on the site tickets.rugbyworldcup.com.

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