April 16, 2021

Outdoor dance lessons to continue training despite restrictions



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It’s spring and the return of mild temperatures. An opportunity for dance schools to once again welcome students outside, when the weather permits.

In Bart in the Doubs as in many other towns in France, dance lessons have finally resumed. As at the end of the first confinement in May 2020, the classes take place outside. No more video training, these rehearsals in the open air are very popular with young dancers. “We see better, we understand better. When we are there, I want to dance whereas when I was at home, it was more boring “.

A recovery that is also good for sports associations. Structures which, since the start of the health crisis, have had to deal with numerous departures of members. Their leaders are desperately waiting to exit the tunnel. “We especially want it to end very quickly and that we can resume in September because otherwise it will be the death of associations “, explains Isabelle Martin, president of the Studio 212 association. which will continue to receive the support of the State, assured the Minister in charge of Sports, Roxana Maracineanu.

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