June 1, 2023

Pensions: a mixed mobilization, follow the figures city by city

And eight. As discussions began on Wednesday between the National Assembly and the Senate in the Joint Joint Commission, the unions and the French opposed to the pension reform project marched for the eighth time.

In Paris, the demonstration brought together 37,000 people according to the prefecture, 450,000 people according to the CGT. Saturday, the participation had already significantly weakened, with 368,000 demonstrators everywhere in France according to the Ministry of the Interior, after a record reached on March 7, to 700,000 demonstrators in Paris and 1.28 million throughout France.

Same observation in the region: a mobilization slightly higher than that of Saturday but still far from the level of March 7. There are between 3,000 and 12,000 demonstrators in Nice, or between 8,500 and 50,000 in Bordeaux.

Unions say they remain determined

The movement remains very popular in certain sectors, a little less in others. In Paris, the strike of garbage collectors and incineration centers continues: more than 7,000 tonnes of uncollected garbage have been identified.

The mobilization is also continuing in the electricity and gas sectors: the four French LNG terminals have voted to renew their strike action until the beginning of next week. However, it is marking time in the refineries, the strikers being reluctant to put the sites completely at a standstill when the stocks are almost full.

The unions ensure that they remain determined to fight the reform whatever the outcome of the debates in Parliament. Their representatives have planned to meet Thursday in front of the National Assembly during the vote of the deputies. “If there had been no mobilization, it would have passed like a letter in the mail,” said Philippe Martinez about the reform project.

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