June 1, 2023

Pensions: the senior CDI could go through a constitutional mousehole

If the pension reform has survived the motions of censure against the government, it is quite possible that the Constitutional Council will revoke article 2 on the senior index, on the grounds that this measure has nothing to do with a budget law (“legislative rider”). The risk of rejection also exists with regard to article 2bis A, which creates the senior CDI. Even if the presidential majority maneuvered rather well in the Joint Joint Committee (CMP) to make it acceptable while reducing the scope of this measure defended by LR senators but which the government did not support.

First modification on leaving the CMP: the article limits the senior CDI only to unemployed people over 60 who have been registered with Pôle emploi for more than a year, whereas the initial text concerned all people over 60, a priori unemployed but less than a year too. Even if this represents several hundred thousand people, the narrowing of the target is obvious.

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