June 1, 2023

Presidency of the Medef: Patrick Martin stands as a champion of growth

The race for the presidency of Medef rarely causes frontal shocks on the ideological level. Nevertheless: one week before their hearing by the General Assembly – a key moment in the campaign before the July 6 election – the two contenders are seeking to mark their singularity. Before Dominique Carlac’h on Wednesday, the favorite and current number two of the employers’ organization, Patrick Martin, unveiled on Tuesday his program marked with the seal of so-called “responsible” growth.

“Without growth, I don’t see how we will finance the massive investments we are required to make – businesses, households, the public sphere too – to maintain the decarbonization trajectory, I don’t see how we will create the jobs and the purchasing power that very legitimately our fellow citizens aspire, I do not see how we will sustainably balance our social systems, ”insisted the leader of the Martin Belaysoud Expansion group. “Calling for degrowth is antisocial and antiecological,” he wrote in his program.

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