September 29, 2021

Priya Bapat to play the lead in the second season of City Of Dreams

Expectations from the second season of City Of Dreams are huge. How confident are you about its success?

As an actor I have given my best. The rest I leave it to the audience because things can be subjective. But I am very excited about the second season and looking forward to it.

How did you prepare for the role of Poornima?

In the first season I fell in love with the character and was very nervous at the same time. But my director, Nagesh Kukunoor, who has also written the series, helped and directed me. If I do well, the credit would go to him. During the second season I grew more confident.

In the first season we got to know Poornima’s sexual preferences. Will that be explored in the second season too?

Certainly, because that’s an important aspect of her personality which you can’t neglect. Because she has never revealed that in public, she is in a lot of emotional turmoil and that’s the crux of the story.

The steamy scene in the first season went viral. What feedback have you received?

I am very happy with the way the scene was handled and I have got a very good response from the audience. People have thanked me for portraying this issue nicely on a commercial platform like this.

As an artist what are the lines you will never cross?

I have always differentiated between my personal and professional preferences. Audience is also aware of that. When they watch a certain character’s performance, they are actually watching a specific role and not the artist. I also believe cinema and series are a depiction of our society only.

The entertainment industry is working under the pandemic following Covid-19 guidelines. How comfortable are you?

During the shooting of City Of Dreams, we strictly followed the guidelines. We even did rehearsals with our masks on. Regular tests used to happen and our makeup vans used to be sanitised twice daily. I would say all these arrangements made me comfortable and confident.

How will you define the city of Mumbai?

Mumbai is my home. I was born and brought up in this city; my education, my work, my family all are here. Whenever I am out of Mumbai, I miss the city and the moment I touch the city I know I am home.

Will we see you more in Hindi shows and movies?

I think for an artist, language is just a medium. I will not restrict myself to a particular language. If I find a good role, irrespective of the language, I would love to portray that on screen. To me the script and the depth of the character matter.

What is your ray of hope in these tough times?

My parents and my family — every time I look at them, I find strength.

How do you unwind?

Good music relaxes me a lot and then hanging out with my close friends.

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