July 27, 2021

Reggio Calabria, 15 health workers suspended after dose refusal

The cases of Covid in the world are over 179 million according to data released by Johns Hopkins University, while the confirmed deaths exceed 3.8 million since the beginning of the pandemic. And in Italy the latest balance, relative to Wednesday 23 June, of 951 new cases and 30 deaths (here the bulletin with the data and the bulletins that show the situation since the beginning of the pandemic: here those of 2021, here those of 2020) . Here is the map of the contagion in the world.

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The Covid-19 situation in Italy and in the world

8.10 am – New record of infections in Brazil, the third wave has arrived
New record of infections in Brazil, the third wave has arrived Brazil has recorded a new record of infections from Covid-19, with 115,228 new cases identified in 24 hours, according to the latest report from the Ministry of Health, which confirms the arrival of a third wave. The official toll also reports 2,392 new deaths, bringing the total to 507,109. Brazil is the second most affected country in the world in absolute number of deaths, behind the United States (over 600,000 deaths).

8.00 – Outbreak in Sydney, a Delta variant carrier infects 36 people in a few hours
Sydney is experiencing one of the most difficult times of the pandemic after an outbreak of the Delta variant has spread in the last few hours. Authorities say the cluster spread from a Sydney airport limo driver who tested positive last week. He was not vaccinated, was reportedly not wearing a face mask and is suspected to have been infected while transporting a foreign air crew. The cluster grew to 36 cases within hours. The police are considering the possibility of accusing the driver and his employer of a number of crimes. Sydney tightened restrictions on the pandemic on Wednesday.

7.00 am – Vaccines, almost 48 million doses in Italy
47,722,029 doses of vaccine against Covid-19 administered in Italy, 88.6% of the total delivered, amounting to 50,322,219 so far (in detail, 37,297,809 Pfizer-BioNTech, 5,015,147 Moderna , 9,674,470 Vaxzevria-AstraZeneca and 1,885,606 Janssen). The vaccinated who have completed the cycle are 16,629,336, 30.79% of the population over 12. what can be read in the online report of the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency updated at 06.11 today.

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