April 16, 2021

Resuscitation nurse, a profession where you learn on the job

Caregivers are calling for an enhancement of this highly technical profession by creating a dedicated diploma, as in Germany.

The caregivers keep repeating it: the problem is not to find the place, nor the material to increase resuscitation capacities… It is the workforce. In these services, patient monitoring is carried out 24/7, with two nurses for five beds, according to the Directorate-General for the Supply of Care (DGOS) which indicates that in time “normal” 12,000 of them work specifically in intensive care.

However, this highly technical profession does not benefit from diploma training in France, unlike other countries such as Germany, or other related specialties such as nurse anesthetists or operating theaters. Since a reform dating from 2009, nursing students follow a general course in three years, but beyond that, there is no master’s degree, no common base for training in the “real”, only university degrees or rapid training developed by learned societies. Which does not help the promotion of the profession, explains

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