July 27, 2021

Safer… and more expensive cars?

Posted on Jul 9, 2021, 5:00 PM

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Always safer. This is how we want our cars. But this is also how Brussels wants to see them leave the chains of manufacturers and equipment suppliers from June 2022. The European Parliament and the Commission have decided to tighten the standards to improve safety at the wheel and around thirty pieces of equipment. security will become mandatory on new models.

Improving driving safety requires innovation. In addition to cameras and sensors, which we already master, devices are being studied to detect, for example, driver drowsiness, the leading cause of death on the motorway. Brussels is also studying the issue of making alcohol ignition interlock devices compulsory. Manufacturers will soon be encouraged to install them, with a view to a possible future obligation.

The idea of ​​black boxes, like those of airplanes, is also gaining ground. They would save time on the lengthy investigations that certain accidents require. Many of these technological and connected tools are already present in the high end but should extend to the first prices and become the norm. This will make them more expensive within two years and could lead manufacturers to reduce their offer in this segment. An effect which would then favor the second-hand market.

The Story is a podcast of “Echoes” presented by Pierrick Fay. This episode was recorded in June 2021. Editor in chief: Clémence Lemaistre. Guest: Lionel Steinmann (automotive journalist at Les Echos). Director: Willy Ganne. Music: Théo Boulenger. Graphic identity: Upian. Photo: Syda Productions / Shutterstock. Sounds: Brussels Mobility, Road Safety, France 3 Normandy.

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