June 24, 2021

Searching for ancestors through genetics: what you need to know

DECRYPTION – DNA tests open up new avenues of research for genealogists. For that, you need algorithms, data, and instructions.

This article is from Figaro Sciences, “The DNA Revolution”.

Le Figaro

Our quest for origins has entered a new dimension. That of this DNA molecule which contains all our genetic information, inherited from our parents, since the dawn of time. For genealogy, it’s a revolution. “The third”, specifies Jean-Louis Beaucarnot, “pope” of this discipline whose aim is to go back in the history of families in order to study their composition.

“The first genealogical revolution dates back to the 1970s. Those whose ancestors had suffered the rural exodus who seized on dusty archives to meet a need for roots, reminds the genealogist. The second was that of the Internet, with online archiving and the creation of sites dedicated to genealogy. You could do your research from home. With DNA, we see the emergence of a new generation of amateurs. They are questioning a new type of identity: the search for their ethnic origins.

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