May 28, 2022

Should we live for the present or the future? – VnExpress

Should live for the present or the future is a question many people are interested in, the answer is difficult to complete.

Thanh and his wife live in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, and they have a house and a suite of motel rooms owned by their parents, so they live quite comfortably and don’t worry about accumulating finances for the future. The couple is open-minded and often organizes expensive parties with their loved ones. She likes to beautify and spends a lot on cosmetics and fashion, and he has a hobby of playing ornamental plants and expensive ornamental fish, and the family also constantly travels here and there. However, due to lack of savings, they faced a lot of financial difficulties when last month, he had an accident and she had to have her appendix removed.

In contrast, Mr. and Mrs. Thanh and Ms. Hoa (who live in Nha Be, Ho Chi Minh City) save money whenever they have money, with the goal of accumulating a lot of money for their children and retiring when they are old. Your life revolves around work and money. They rented out the entire floor in their 2-storey house, accepting cramped living and minimizing the purchase of furniture and eating sparingly. “All year, we don’t travel, sometimes return to our hometown, if we don’t save like that, we can’t afford to buy land in the city and build a house,” Hoa shared.

Having a clear plan for the future, 30 years old buys a house, 32 years old buys a car, accepting the present hardship, Quynh (28 years old) changed her mind after witnessing some acquaintances passing away in the past. Covid-19 period. “I was afraid that I had to leave before I could enjoy my life.” Previously, she worked hard, her friends invited her to go out, Quynh had to refuse because she didn’t have time. The epidemic, remote work still lasted from morning to night, sitting a lot, the girl who was living alone saw her health decline and began to worry. “I’m afraid that if I keep accumulating for the future, I won’t be able to enjoy the joys of the present like my friends,” Quynh is planning to reduce work and spend more time taking care of herself.

Enjoy the present and hope for the future. Illustration: Shutterstock

Many discussions around the topic of living for the present or the future have been raised in forums on social networks. On the Quora forum, this question has received a lot of mixed comments. The Indian guy Shubhendu Srivastava, thinks that we should live in the present but strive for the future. South African girl Juanita Fourie believes it’s better to live in the present, and keep hoping for the future – taking care of and enjoying the present, and being optimistic that good things will come in the future. .

Setting itself the mission of becoming a “Lifetime friend”, a solid tomorrow for customers, Generali life insurance company is launching a communication campaign “Let tomorrow always come”, inspiring life. We cannot predict whether tomorrow will be a sunny or rainy day, nor can we choose a life without hardships. However, if we have a firm preparation If there is a fulcrum, there will be no unfinished dreams tomorrow, the wings of a bird, even in the midst of a storm, still reach out and soar.”

Each activity in this campaign is aimed at spreading the messages of “Living as you wish” and hoping for a bright tomorrow, from “Tomorrow’s Market” – a bridge connecting unfinished tomorrows; to a short film with a father who is willing to put aside his musical ambitions to take care of his daughter having surgery in the hospital, so that she can continue to write in the future; or music nights with themes towards family love and hope for a bright tomorrow. Thereby, each person feels the meaning of living for the present and preparing for the future. Knowing how to live in the present, we will learn to be present to feel and appreciate the small joys and happiness around us. Preparing for the future will help us to neutralize and overcome difficulties and unfortunate risks.

This is also the inspiration for the song “Let tomorrow always come” just released by Chillies and Generali in the last days of December. The song is a special gift to bring listeners a little peace of mind as well as peace of mind. hope and optimism in life, especially in the moment of sacred transition, when we look back on a year 2021 with so many events and hope for a brighter 2022. The future always begins in the present, so let’s get ready and build it today!

Should we live for the present or the future?

MV “Let tomorrow always come” inspired by the message: “Always hope for the bright – Always ready for all difficulties” is a collaboration between Chillies and Generali Vietnam that has just been released.

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