June 4, 2023

Solutions to keep the house cooler in the hot season

A hot, stuffy house in the summer can take a toll on our quality of life. There are several solutions to help cool down other than using air conditioning.

Reversible ceiling fan

Ceiling fans have significant advantages in cooling the house. This device does not occupy an area of ​​​​use, has the ability to cool the whole room and help the room more airy. In addition, compared to air conditioners, ceiling fans are cheaper and durable.

According to experts from Thespruce, in the cold winter, installing ceiling fans so that they rotate clockwise helps distribute warm air better. However, in the summer, your fan should be set to run counter-clockwise.

In fact, today, some ceiling fans are equipped with a rotation reversal function, that is, they can rotate counterclockwise or clockwise. In case your fan does not have that mode, check the manual to reverse the ceiling fan to match the season.

Cover the window

In the summer, homeowners should block out heat and direct sunlight by covering windows. Should close the curtain early, pull the curtain up when the sun is out. In case your window does not have a curtain, you can consider spreading a thick towel, sheet … on the door when the sunlight shines in.

In addition, according to experts, in the evening, when the outdoor temperature is low, you should open the window to let the cool breeze into the house. Don’t forget to open all the windows to let the indoor air circulate.

Minimizing equipment that emits heat

Most appliances give off residual heat, for example refrigerators, induction cookers, ovens, washers, dryers, televisions, dishwashers, etc. In the summer, these appliances give off heat. Bigger, make your house hotter. Therefore, it is advisable to minimize the equipment that generates heat. Drying clothes instead of using a dryer, simple cooking, don’t cook time-consuming dishes on the stove… are the most optimal ways.

In case you turn on the stove to cook, remember to turn on the kitchen fan to push the hot heat to the outside.

Change resting place

In the event that the temperature in the whole house rises, try to find ways to lower the sleeping area, for example, put the mattress on the floor, find a lower place in the house to sleep.

Buy a cooling pillow to make you more comfortable. Using a cold water bottle or cooling gel pack at the foot of your bed will help your entire body feel cooler.

Close unused rooms

By closing the doors to unused bedrooms or keeping the bathroom doors closed, you effectively keep the heat in the common room and prevent heat from escaping.

Window insulation film

The windows of modern apartments often have a low-E coating in the glass to prevent ultraviolet (UV) rays from entering the house. You can add an extra layer of UV protection by gluing a low-E film to the inside of the window glass.

Planting vines with shade

In apartments, with a small balcony, you can grow a few types of climbing plants to help green this small area. Shading plants not only help block sunlight but also have high aesthetic value.

Replace incandescent and halogen lamps

If your home has incandescent or halogen lights, it’s better to replace them. Incandescent and halogen lamps give off a lot of heat. In fact, incandescent releases up to 90% of its energy as heat, thus causing heat. You can replace the lights in your home with LED lights to make the space cooler.

Thuy Linh (According to Spruce)


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