June 1, 2023

Suggest a full moon in January

On the Lunar New Year, many families prepare a decent offering tray to wish for a year of prosperity, harmony and peace.

The full moon in January, also known as Tet Nguyen Tieu, is the first full moon day, the beginning of the year. Vietnamese people think that everything is “ first and foremost ”, so the full moon of January is always paid close attention, sending good wishes for the whole year, so there is a saying “ The anniversary of Tet is not equal to the full moon of January. ”.

The full moon worshiping tray in January usually has a salty offering to ancestors and a vegetarian offering to Buddha.

A savory tray offering full moon offerings in January has traditional dishes such as boiled chicken, banh chung with modern dishes such as spring rolls, grilled cartilage … Photo: Bui Thuy.

The article suggests some main dishes in the savory deck menu:

– Boiled chicken

– Snail rolls

– Chung cake

– Grilled cartilage

– Goat rolls with fishing fat

– Vegetables

– Vermicelli soup with shiitakes, chicken broth, chicken heart

1. Boiled Chicken:

Boiled chicken is an indispensable dish in the full moon menu because it is associated with the old myth “ chicken calls the sun ” and is a sacred offering to bring luck to the family.

Finished product requirement: Chicken is boiled yellow, the skin is shiny, the meat inside is sweet. Note: Choose a moderate rooster, bright red crest, yellow legs, plump breasts, moderate pores, enough nails.

After cleaning the chicken, rub some fresh turmeric, then put it in a thick pot of water, fill it with water, add a little salt, seasoning seeds, purple onion, ginger, smash the stove. When the water is boiling, pour in a small bowl of water to heat (avoid chicken cracking), then lower the heat to boil for 7-8 minutes. Turn off the heat of brazing chicken for 15-25 minutes depending on the size of the baby After that, pick up and soak in ice water, take out the towel to keep moist. If you want a smoother shine, apply a little turmeric fat to make the skin shiny, beautiful yellow. Let the chicken whole or chop evenly onto the plate on the plate.

How to make details: See here

Rooster flowers are often chosen in the ceremony trays for worshiping because of their association with the old mythology, chickens call the sun with the meaning of awakening all living creatures and harmony.  Photo: Bui Thuy.

The flower rooster is often chosen in the ceremony tray because it is associated with the old myth of “ chickens call the sun ” with the meaning of awakening living creatures, harmony. Image:Bui Thuy.

2. Snail rolls: With a little variation when adding snails to the filling, you will have a new and interesting spring rolls.

Finished product requirement: Crispy snail rolls on the outside, soft and chewy inside. In particular, exuding the aroma of guise leaves, lemongrass creates a very attractive, strange and familiar aftertaste. When making spring rolls, you need to pay attention:

– Crust: Using Ha Tinh ram is the best. If not, use the spring rolls and add the beer mixture to make it crispy when frying, and beautiful color.

– When preparing and pre-processing the ingredients, separate the meat from the snail (the snail should be sliced ​​into small pieces to help the spring rolls be crispy and lumpy (should not be chopped up because it loses the characteristic crispness of the snail), the vegetables are sliced ​​separately. When refreshing, mix together to avoid water spills, a little bit of onion oil will make the filling delicious, not dry, and a little bit of cornstarch also helps to keep the spring rolls from getting wet.

– Frying 2 times of fire (first frying time, 2 times when eating, fried golden) will help crispy spring rolls better.

How to make details: See here

Snail Nem is a new and attractive suggestion for the full moon offering in January.  Photo: Bui Thuy.

Snail Nem is a new and attractive suggestion for the full moon offering in January. Image: Bui Thuy.

3. Grilled cartilage: You can make this dish first to freeze to use gradually, when there are guests or holidays will be convenient and quick.

Requirements for finished products: Cartilage is even, yellow brown outside, slightly crunchy, the core is lumpy, sweet, soft, delicious.

a) Raw materials:

– The shell: The young heart

– The kernel: There are 2 ways:

+ If you have small children, if you want to cultivate soft cartilage, the core should use chopped throat (this part is soft but not too crispy like pork cartilage) + ground lean meat + a little fat minced + roasted peanuts and chopped seasoning vegetables: scallions, basil, and coriander. Seasoning according to family taste: fish sauce, salt, seasoning seeds, sugar, cinnamon wine, cashew oil, sesame oil, pepper.

+ If you like crunchy and spicy, add chopped pork cartilage and a little chili to the filling as above.

b) How to:

– Preliminary processing of the young heart: Wash, upside down, pluck all the gold, squeeze the salt and wash it. Continue to squeeze with lemon / or vinegar, if added ginger wine as possible, help remove odors, rinse and turn back as before.

– Mix the ingredients and taste the spices accordingly.

– Stuffing heart: Tie 1 head of the heart, use a funnel or plastic bottle to stuff the filling. Note stuffing evenly, the amount is moderate (not much or too little). Use cotton thread to divide each bite and tie it up.

– Boil heart: Put the pot in the pot, add cold water enough to cover, add a little crushed purple onion, a little salt, seasoning seeds to make the boiled heart more fragrant. Note: When you turn on the stove to boil your heart, use a sharp bamboo toothpick to pierce the rice bowl to stretch up a few places to avoid the podium, boil your heart over low heat for 6-7 minutes, turn off the heat and soak a little more to your heart. ” juicy ” water. Take out to drain, when cool, apply cashew oil for more beautiful color.

– After that, you can bake or fry it evenly. When the saucepan turns golden brown, it’s almost done.

4. Grilled goat fat rolls

Requirements for finished products: The meat is well-done, sweet, soft, not chewy or dry, with a characteristic aroma of goat meat, rich in taste.

a) Raw materials:

– Fresh ground goat meat

– Lean meat ground

– A little goat liver, crushed

– Fishing fat: Divided into 2 parts (a grind and a piece to wrap wrap)

– Marinated spices: anise, coriander seeds, soya, chili, lemongrass, pepper, a little batch, galangal, dried garlic onion, shrimp paste (optional), roasted sesame.

– Seasoning seasoning: fish sauce, salt, sugar, seasoning seeds.

– Served with herbs.

b) How to:

– Dried galangal, lemongrass, onion and garlic should be grinded, squeezed to get the juice to marinate. The batch is well filtered.

– Mix all ingredients (goat meat, lean shoulder meat, minced goat liver with ground fishing fat, seasoning seasoning according to family taste) to infuse.

– Then, put the fat on a thin sheet, scoop out the marinated goat meat to the cylinder and place it in the rolled fishing fat.

– Put rolled goat meat on the grill and grill it. This dish is delicious with sweet and sour fish sauce or poor soy sauce.

Wish you have many delicious dishes together with your family during the full moon in January!

Bui Thuy


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