June 4, 2023

Suggestions for snacks in the 2022 World Cup season – VnExpress Cooking

Grilled dried squid, lemongrass chicken feet, Thai Binh ham, roasted peanuts with garlic and chili… the simple snacks will contribute to the atmosphere of football cheer becoming more attractive.

1. Grilled squid

The simplest, fastest and most satisfying dish is grilled dried squid. To bake the squid soft and sweet, so that it doesn’t dry out for a long time, you need to pay attention to the following tips: Before baking, you should soak the squid with a little beer to make the squid soft and fragrant. After the squid is grilled with alcohol, then lightly pound the meat to separate the fibers, helping to tear the fibers into smaller, softer, sweeter fibers.

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2. Lemongrass chicken feet

A plate of crispy white lemongrass chicken feet, fragrant with lemongrass, soaked in sweet and sour taste will make the atmosphere of football cheering more exciting.

Chicken feet after being preliminarily cleaned, boiled for 3 minutes and then soaked for another 5 minutes to cook without red bones, then take out and squeeze a little sugar to remove the fat. Then, soak in a bowl of ice water with lemon to make it crispy and then soak a mixture of sauce (cooled) including sugar, vinegar, fish sauce, filtered water in the ratio 1:1:1:3. Add lemongrass, garlic, chili, kumquat juice (kumquat), ginger and soak after 4-6 hours to eat. Pay attention to clean jars, remove kumquat seeds to avoid bitterness.

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Suggested snacks for the 2022 World Cup season - 1

3. Roasted peanuts with garlic and chili

Crispy golden peanuts, garlic and chili stick to the surface, the shell is not peeled, the rich taste stimulates the taste buds. This dish is very suitable for eating and drinking, but the ingredients, methods and prices are cheap. Pay attention to choose peanuts with even seeds, firm, light skin. After frying the garlic, use that oil to fry the peanuts until fragrant. When peanuts are crispy, turn off the heat, sift a little flour, cornstarch to coat. Turn on a small fire, pour the mixture of sugar and fish sauce evenly to cling to the surface of the peanuts, then take it out on a bamboo mat or basket for ventilation. After that, wear gloves to squeeze the peanuts apart, cool and store in a clean container for later use.

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Suggested snacks for the 2022 World Cup season - 2

4. Thai Binh spring rolls

Nem is sweet because the meat is cooked to the right degree of texture, adding greasy fat but not drying, bringing up the aroma of hearing with sweet and sour fish sauce. This is a popular dish in the gatherings of the rice farmers. To have delicious spring rolls, it is important to pay attention: Choose fresh pork, blanch it, then slice it thinly and gradually puree, until the meat is cooked again. Adding a lot of garlic helps to cook spring rolls and kill viruses and worms in meat. In some areas in Thai Binh, the meat is freshly slaughtered and processed (not blanched). In addition to lean meat, bone marrow is also added to create a fatty, aromatic flavor for the dish.

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Suggested snacks for the 2022 World Cup season - 3

5. Dried chicken with lemon leaves

This dish can be stored in the refrigerator, used gradually every day to watch the 2022 World Cup. Chicken is tough, flavorful, and smells like lemon leaves.

Suggestions for snacks for the 2022 World Cup season - 4

You should choose chicken breast because the meat is sweet. After preliminary processing and boiling, soak in ice-cold water, then let cool, beat lightly, tear the fibers along the grain. Saute onion and garlic, add a sauce mixture including sugar, fish sauce, salt, chili sauce, chili powder, cashew oil, five flavors… according to taste, then pour the chicken into the island to absorb the flavor. When the chicken shrinks, the steam becomes dry, then turn off the stove, spread it out on a tray and put it in the oven to dry. If you don’t have an oven, you can either leave it in the sun until dry, or stir it several times in a pan over low heat until it’s completely dry.

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