March 23, 2023

Tabuk Municipality concludes its participation in the Environment Week

The Tabuk Municipality concluded its participation in the “Your Environment Knows You” exhibition, which was organized by the branch of the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture in Tabuk Region on the occasion of the Environment Week, in the Tabuk Park Complex, and it lasted for four days. The importance of its prominent role in preserving the environment, and the Municipality, as a contribution to enhancing community awareness of the importance of afforestation and its many benefits to the environment, distributed more than 300 seedlings of a number of shade tree species, during its participation in the exhibition, in addition to the initiative to plant a number of trees in Prince Fahd Bin Sultan Park Walk, with community participation from volunteers.

The Municipality affirmed its keenness to contribute to improving the quality of life and improving the urban landscape in the region through the many works it undertakes, such as planting trees, where more than 152 thousand trees have been planted in the region, in addition to the establishment of 142 gardens and 13 others under implementation. The Municipality also plans in the future to establish 436 A garden that will contribute greatly to the enhancement and improvement of the environment.

The Municipality added that it had removed over the past year more than 337,000 tons of solid waste and 825,000 cubic meters of construction waste, realizing that their accumulation will negatively affect the environment.


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