June 1, 2023

The eight post-retirement projects of Olivier Dussopt

“We all have a capacity to overcome disagreements, to live with them. During his first press conference since the launch of the pension reform, the Minister of Labour, Olivier Dussopt, endeavored on Tuesday to turn the page gently, while the conflict will still give rise to a mobilization , on June 6, and crystallize on the examination of the Liot bill by the Assembly, on June 8.

“Are we moving on? I do not believe […] Of course, the question of pensions will remain in everyone’s mind when we discuss all the subjects that come up on the social agenda,” he explained. But, he added, “we all have a capacity to overcome disagreements”, and “we will be able to move forward” as the Prime Minister, Elisabeth Borne, completes her talks with the social partners with the U2P on Tuesday. evening.

Full employment objective

The Minister of Labor, he projects himself in his post until the end of the five-year term. He thus mentioned no less than eight projects in addition to the implementation of the pension reform, the first implementing decrees of which will be published next month, with one objective: to achieve full employment and therefore go down to 5% unemployment rate.

“Priority issue”: the employment of seniors on which the government has decided to rely on negotiation between the social partners on the basis of a policy document. Olivier Dussopt has promised that “great latitude” will be left to them. While specifying, all the same, to stick to the senior index, provided for by the reform but challenged by the Constitutional Council for procedural reasons.

An effort to go to bac+2

The second project identified is that of unemployment insurance. The organization of governance is on the agenda, but “a priori [le sujet] seems the least urgent for the majority of the social partners”, underlined the Minister. It is different with the question of compensation, on which employers and unions will have “four months” to negotiate, on the basis of a framework letter which we already know will in fact exclude going back on the countercyclical mechanism. adaptation of the rules to the circumstances.

The third project will be that of skills. With both the reform of vocational high schools, already unveiled, and the renewal of the skills investment plan (PIC), the discussion of which will start from June. Olivier Dussopt announced that the effort would no longer be concentrated on workers without the baccalaureate, but also targeted at workers with a baccalaureate to enable them to obtain a post-baccalaureate diploma.

A million apprentices

The fourth and fifth projects mentioned by the Minister of Labor concern young people. First there is apprenticeship, for which he launched the 2023-2024 campaign on Tuesday with the Minister for Vocational Training, Carole Grandjean, and whose government wants to increase the number of beneficiaries to 1 million. The youth employment contract will be the subject of a second call for projects focused on those in “great difficulty” with an unchanged objective of 300,000 contracts concluded.

“Working better” is the sixth aspect mentioned by Olivier Dussopt. On the menu: the transposition of the agreement on the sharing of value, following up on the report from the Labor Conference, considering adjustments to the orders but not questioning the essentials – no question of returning, for example, to the CHSCT -, implement the serious and fatal accident prevention plan presented in December.

All this is in addition to the last two projects of France travail and the reform of the RSA. Regarding the latter, he specified that the fifteen to twenty hours of activity which will now be required will not be enshrined in the law, “the intensity of the course being adapted to each person”.

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