June 1, 2023

The love story of a married couple

Lam DongWhen his girlfriend accepted the confession, Duy Duc sat in a wheelchair, flew to Hanoi to invite her to his home for a few months to understand what it was like to live with a paralyzed person.

More than 5 years since the first meeting, Thai Duy Duc, 31 years old, and Bui Thi Chinh, 30 years old, became husband and wife.

“When the two of them got married, people said that a healthy person like her would live with me for a long time,” Duc laughed over a video call with reporters. VnExpresshis hand caressed his wife’s pregnant belly.

When he suffered a work accident and fell from an 8-meter-high construction to the ground in 2015, Duc thought his life was over. From the abdomen to the feet, he lost feeling, the hygiene was not proactive, all activities depended on his mother and ex-girlfriend. But knowing that Duc had no chance to recover, his girlfriend near the house also avoided him.

“She told me ‘I’m sure I’ll die, mom’. Mother and daughter kept hugging each other and crying. I told her that there are many people out there who have lost billions of dollars to live, why would I want to die?”, Mrs. Tran Thi Luong, 60 years old, Duc’s mother said.

Duc ignored his mother’s words, went on a hunger strike for 10 days, but still lived. “I can’t die, I think I have to rise and live well,” Duc recalled. A year after the accident, he began to pay attention to eating, living in moderation to help clean up on time, taking the initiative to take care of himself to no longer depend on his mother. On social networks, Duc saw that there were many people with disabilities suffering more than himself, he called on everyone to help you.

The young man also rode a tricycle 12 km from Don Duong district to Duc Trong district to visit a friend who was quadriplegic. Seeing you lying in a place with no one to take care of you with sores, he appealed on social networks, and at the same time asked his mother for money, in a wheelchair to take you to a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City for treatment. Later, Duc’s mother and daughter took their paralyzed friend home to take care of them for two months. The touching story was reported by many newspapers, helping him to see that he lived a meaningful life so he was optimistic, forgetting that he was a disabled person.

In Hanoi, worker Bui Thi Chinh was shown articles and reports about Germany by a friend. Phu Tho girl, who lost her mother at a young age, always finds herself unhappy and rarely smiles.

“I was 24 years old at that time, but I didn’t need to be in love, I was always sad and had negative thoughts,” Chinh said. Her friend told her: “Look at people. He’s paralyzed alive and happy, knows how to help others like this, you’re healthy, healthy, there’s nothing to be depressed about.”

Curious, Chinh made friends on social networks with Duc, all of his posts click “like” and comment. “I saw that he was disabled, but he was always happy and funny when he wrote anything. After reading it, I kept smiling,” Chinh said. Seeing the girl commenting on her post, Duc actively “attacked” via text message.

Bui Thi Chinh and Thai Duy Duc on their wedding day, 2017. Photo provided by the character

“Every day, he texted to ask and message a lot. I thought this father is so hot, what can he say,” she said, looking at her smiling husband. But Chinh admits that reading messages and chatting with Duc has become a habit, helping her laugh every day and fall in love. “At that time, the son of the company’s director also meant for me, or invited me to go out, but I didn’t like it, just wanted to talk to Mr. Duc,” Chinh said.

Through the message, the guy feels Chinh is a cute and carefree girl. “Her smile is like a cool breeze that helps ease my pain,” Duc said.

After three months of texting, Duc promised that his girlfriend would go to Hanoi to visit and ask to pick him up at the airport. That time, Chinh took a week off from work to take Duc out. But at the end of a week, the girl wanted to take a break, because she wanted to be with the boy for the rest of her life.

One week in Hanoi, despite being active in activities, there are still inconveniences that a person in a wheelchair like Duc cannot handle. He rented a room, but the bathroom was not wheelchair accessible. Seeing her boyfriend struggling, Chinh carried him to the bathroom without hesitation and embarrassment. “At that moment, I knew she really loved me, but I was afraid. A person who used to love me for two years and was ready to abandon me when I had an accident is not easy for a girl who has just appeared in this situation to want to stick with me. my whole life,” he thought.

Duc suggested that Chinh return to his hometown to live with him for a few months to understand how difficult it is to live with people with disabilities. He also made it clear to Chinh to understand that he was no longer able to be a man.

Despite what her boyfriend shared, the girl quit her job, called her family to inform her decision. Everyone objected. Chinh’s father gave his daughter two options “either me or that guy”. When the two asked to go back to talk, he said “you can go home if you like, but that guy can’t come back”.

The girl cried many nights, but chose to follow the call of love. “I believe if I’m happy, my father and siblings will change their minds,” Chinh said.

Returning to Duc’s house, the girl followed his mother to the fields to cut grass and help milk the cows. Chinh does not mind taking care of his boyfriend when he cannot control. “Looking at the way Chinh takes care of my children, trying to integrate into life here, I believe in their feelings,” said Tran Thi Luong.

Chinh lost her mother at a young age, away from home for a long time, so when she was taken care of by her mother, and had a meal of three, she was as happy as coming home. “You and your mother are like a missing piece in my life,” Chinh said.

Only two months after the challenge of being a bride, the two officially became husband and wife. The wedding is for the groom’s family only. After getting married, Duc started a business to increase his family’s income. The bride helps her mother-in-law raise cows for milk.

“Many people think that I’m disadvantaged by marrying him, but I see the opposite. I just have to live a carefree life, do it when I’m healthy, take a break when I’m tired. The big things in the house, I and my mother take care of and take care of.” , Chinh said.

After the wedding, the young couple was supported by My Duc Hospital (in Ho Chi Minh City) to do IVF to give birth. Chinh is 6 months pregnant.

Duc and his wife in front of the house just built last year, on November 15.  Photo provided by the character

Duc and his wife in front of the house just built last year, on November 15. Photo provided by the character

Being pregnant, for two months, Chinh had to rest and limit exercise. Her mother was busy taking care of the cows, so in a wheelchair, Duc cooked rice, did the laundry, and took care of everything in the house. “He always calls his wife, telling him to eat from one thing to another, what needs to be met in person. Many healthy married people must have been loved and cared for like me,” she said.

Last year, the couple, with the help of their mother, had enough money to build a comfortable new house and dairy farm, after 5 years of hard work.

Ms. Luong said, from the day Chinh became a bride, her son was happy, optimistic, more nurturing for the family. “After my children’s wedding, everything in my family improved. As a mother, I am very satisfied,” she said.

Seeing his daughter have a peaceful and full life, Chinh’s father and siblings gradually changed their minds. Last year, Lam Dong’s groom and his wife returned to Phu Tho for the first time to debut, eat a reunion meal.

Disabled friends admire Duc and ask him the secret to preserving their marriage. Duc told them that when he was determined to revive, he determined that he had to forget that he was a person with a disability, live and think like an ordinary person to be bold and proactive in love and life.

He and his wife believe that sex is very important in marriage, but it is not the only thing that determines happiness. “For us, just hugging, kissing, giving each other genuine care and love is enough to be happy,” Duc said, holding a glass of orange juice his wife had just made, looking at her affectionately. dear.

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