October 28, 2021

The ‘mesmerizing’ qualities of women who are not beautiful

For many women, not being beautiful means losing many opportunities in life. But for some, that is a strong point.

A few days ago, Chinese actress Zhang Mong (32 years old) confided: “Living up to now, the thing I regret the most is plastic surgery”. This statement made the hall “dumbfounded” for a long time. No one expected a top beauty like Truong Mong to comment on her appearance like that.

Many viewers said, very much missed her beautiful natural image in the movie “The Beauty of the Mind”. Later her appearance was criticized by her stiff face due to plastic surgery. Not only has she lost her natural beauty, Truong Mong’s acting skills have also deteriorated greatly, having not been able to play a role for three consecutive years.

Actress Truong Mong has a stiff face after many cosmetic surgery. Image: the paper.

When listening to Truong Mong’s confession, actress Hao Lei – director of the event said: “As an actor, I look so fat, but I’m still very confident sitting here. Because no one can. take away my acting skills “.

In the variety show “Women 30+”, actress Dao Hong said that her daughter used to cry because her classmates were ugly. Dao Hong heard that and said: “You are neither ugly nor beautiful. But you can be sure that you are unique and no one can copy you.”

Dao Hong’s comments were praised by Chinese internet users. They said that she did not praise, disparage, but told her the truth about her appearance easily and frankly. At the same time, guide your child to see the unique characteristics, because that is the most valuable thing.

A few years ago, an average-looking girl became famous in “I am an Actor” (I am an actress) for her outstanding acting. She is Nham To Tich. Before that, because her face did not match the public’s aesthetic, she had little reputation in the entertainment world.

Later, although famous throughout China for her acting skills, many people disapproved of her long face. But Nham does not care, she said: “Twenty years old, I feel sad because others say I am not beautiful. At the age of 30, people say I am not beautiful, I no longer care, because I am not for other people. mature”.

According to Nham, no matter how she looks, every girl does not need to be proud of her beauty or feel guilty for being ugly. “Looks may take you for a while, but in the end it’s a unique personality that will allow you to go further.”

Not long ago, the appearance of a girl on the T-shaped runway of Shenzhen Fashion Week caught everyone’s attention.

That girl had confident eyes and straightforward steps. One glance at the short sleeves is noticeable: she has no arms.

Lei Qing Dao performs in a fashion show in Shenzhen.  Photo: sina.

Lei Qing Dao performs in a fashion show in Shenzhen. Image: sina.

This girl named Lei Khanh Dao, at the age of 3, unfortunately lost her arm due to electric shock. The 3-year-old doesn’t understand what this means to him, but the family is very sad. In order for him to live in a “safe zone”, the father cut Lei’s long hair off, and his mother threw away the beautiful dresses. Lei cried asking her mother to wear short-sleeved dresses, she said: “I have no more arms, what to wear for?”

Excited, she thought, why did she lose the right to pursue beauty because she had no arms? “Although I was a child, I understood that losing my arm does not mean life will end, giving up all pursuits and letting others arrange.”

She not only wants to be beautiful, but also goes to school by herself, bike, swim …

When Lei proposed to his family to practice cycling at the age of 7, everyone disagreed, everyone thought it was a miracle. She begged her father, he also agreed to help her practice. But every time his father let go of his hand, Lei’s car fell. The father eventually got impatient and left for another job. But Lei didn’t give up. Every day she carried a beautiful old car heavy on her shoulder to practice in the bamboo forest near her house. Because there were few passersby, no one saw her, her limbs were bruised and her face was swollen. Losing the support of her arm, Lightning fell countless times, each time in pain, but she was very grateful: “Where I live, every single drop of sunshine makes me feel so much each time. Running in the field and looking up at the sky, I thought again: Wow, my world is so big! “.

“There are countless possibilities in this world. Who says good things won’t happen to me?”

After that, Lei became a disabled swimmer, actor and famous model. This girl did not lose courage because of her own shortcomings.

Every woman has the right to love beauty, but admittedly not everyone is perfect. Only when you can accept imperfections and realize your own worth can you live a beautiful life.

On the popular variety show “The Actor, Please Get In”, a girl with a simple appearance and short physique won praise from four directors sitting on the judges chair, famous for her difficult and harsh. Famous director atur Dong Thang had to say: “I give you 100 points, you have the opportunity to be queen”.

Why is an ordinary girl, who does not study acting professionally, be highly appreciated? According to Jackie Li, she did not imitate the character in the original movie, but imagined that things like that happened to her. “I can only play myself”the girl said.

Jackie Li's parents said that she was not beautiful enough to be a public figure with small eyes and a big face.  Photo: sina.

Jackie Li’s parents said that she was not beautiful enough to be a public figure with small eyes and a big face. Image: sina.

Years ago, Jackie Li’s dream of becoming an actress was laughed at by everyone. They believe that she is not beautiful enough to be a public person with small eyes and a big face. But Jackie Li thinks differently, she said that if she wants to find a beautiful actress, there are mountains, but to find a girl with personality, funny, she is unique. “I’m not pretty but I’m the only one, not a copy of anyone,” she said.

“Some girls look very beautiful but when standing in a crowd, they are not much different from thousands of beauties. But there are some girls, though not eye-catching at first glance, but the more interesting they look at them, Jackie Li is such a person, “said the director of Atrium Dong Thang.

He also said that being beautiful is always his strong point. However, for girls whose looks don’t match the public’s aesthetic, they still have a thousand ways to make themselves stand out and live beautiful.

Vy Trang (According to the sohu)


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