May 28, 2022

The profession of home consulting makes a lot of money

AmericaThe pandemic has helped home and interior consultants make a fortune, do not finish their work, have to adjust their consultation time or refer guests to others.

Here are five popular consulting careers during the pandemic season in the US.

Tree consulting

Growing indoor plants is a trend that dates back to before Covid-19 appeared. Due to the pandemic, people want to bring nature into their living space, but not everyone has “hands” to plant trees.

Tree consultants like Maryah Greene will help homeowners green their homes. She usually prepares a list of 200 plants in her head but shortens it after researching the owners and their homes, due to other factors such as the amount of light, the number of pets and children.

After each consultation, Greene advises them on what plants to plant and how to care for them. If the householder suggested it, she would go buy plants with them. Greene also diagnoses plants that the homeowner has available.

Each Greene consultation session lasts from 45 to 60 minutes, the cost ranges from 200-300 USD depending on the homeowner’s ability to pay as well as the size of the space.

Maryah Greene (right) is advising two clients on greenery. Photo: New York Times

Feng shui consultation

If you want to rearrange your home space to be healthier and luckier, American homeowners can look to a feng shui consultant like Judith Wendell.

Wendell introduces guests to the five elements and the eight trigrams, then divides the space into nine and rearranges the interior to suit feng shui. She also advises on the best area to place a desk or even a trash can.

Before the pandemic, Wendell often worked directly with guests. Today, 40% of her appointments take place over the Internet. “We have floor plans and photos so it’s easy to work remotely,” said the female expert.

To have an in-person appointment with Wendell, homeowners must be willing to shell out at least $675. For an Internet appointment, Wendell charges $180 an hour, and the homeowner needs to book at least two hours.

Environmental psychologist

With the help of environmental psychologists like Sally Augustin, you’ll have an office with creative paint colors, a living space with family bonding furniture, and self-help rooms. autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Augustin works on scientific research on how space affects human performance and mood. She begins by reviewing the floor plans of her clients’ homes as well as photos of the rooms, then considers their personalities and goals. Next, she will give advice “on adjusting the physical environment to create what the owner wants”.

For those who need to stimulate creativity, Augustin recommends painting the walls of the work area sage green and adding scented candles with vanilla and cinnamon.

Augustin charges $50 to $125 per room for consultation. If the homeowner has special needs, the cost increases to $175 per hour.

Painting expert

The reason art installations are recovering so quickly is online meetings. “Customers want the wall behind them to be as beautiful as possible,” says David Kassel, owner of an art installation company in Manhattan.

Kassel said customers come to him to ask to hang pictures and photos on the wall in different styles. “They want different things to be harmonious and don’t want to do it themselves,” the expert revealed.

Sometimes, customers have special requests. For example, a young couple wants to hang a picture on the ceiling, right above the bed.

Kassel’s company charges $295 for two hours of work. After that, every hour generated is 95 USD.

Scent expert

According to Yael Alkalay, founder and CEO of a scent consulting company in New York, scent improves mood, enhances work performance and improves sleep quality.

Instead of using one scent for the entire house, Alkalay advises homeowners to choose their own scent for each space. The conversion of scent as well as the change of light, helps people change their mood. Scent is also important in the context that several spaces have multiple functions, for example, the office is also a place to practice yoga. To dispel the feeling of the workplace, homeowners just need to bring a towel soaked in orange and quince when starting to practice.

The price of a consultation session of Alkalay company starts from 500 USD.

Cleaning expert

Professional cleaning professionals will make your home orderly, tidy and easier to find.

A session of cleaning professionals from New York-based Horderly usually begins with unloading the furniture from the cabinets and drawers. They will ask the owner what items are still in use and how often. Items that are no longer useful will be thrown away or donated.

Most of Horderly’s customers are apartment dwellers that lack space. Recently, this company also supports owners of large houses. In fact, more space means more storage.

Depending on location and workload, Horderly charges between $85 and $150 per hour for cleaning.

Oscar Alfaro and Jamie Hord from Horderly are cleaning out a closet for a client in New Jersey.  Jamie Hord is also the co-founder of Horderly.  Photo: Horderly

Oscar Alfaro and Jamie Hord from Horderly are cleaning out a closet for a client in New Jersey. Jamie Hord is also the co-founder of Horderly. Photo: Horderly

Transport expert

The common point of an elderly couple moving from a townhouse to an apartment, a person preparing to repair their house and a new family who has lost a member is the need to move. Seriatim, a New York-based company, helps these subjects handle such major life events.

Sonya Weisshappel (left), founder and chief executive officer of Seriatim, helps clients sort through and sort their belongings.  Photo: New York Times

Sonya Weisshappel (left), founder and chief executive officer of Seriatim, helps clients sort through and sort their belongings. Photo: New York Times

“Our customers are often in crisis,” says Sonya Weisshappel, founder and CEO of Seriatim. She and her staff will sort, inventory, pack and distribute to relatives, donate or auction. Customers need to pay $1,450 for every eight hours worked by a Seriatim employee.

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