January 20, 2022

The Public Prosecutor: Good treatment of defendants and prisoners is a right guaranteed by regulations

The Public Prosecutor Sheikh Saud bin Abdullah Al-Mujeb visited the Public Prosecution branch in Hail, accompanied by a number of prosecution officials, as part of field inspection tours of the branches and departments of the Public Prosecution.

Al-Mojeb began the visit by meeting with the heads of the Public Prosecution departments in the region, and met with the directors of the police forces and security leaders in the region, and praised the outstanding level of cooperation between the police authorities and the Public Prosecution branch in the region. Contribute to their reform and reintegration with society, in implementation of their rights guaranteed by the system.

Al-Mojeb listened to an explanation of the mechanisms used in dealing with cases, and suggestions that would raise the quality of procedures, and met with a number of reviewers from citizens and residents, and listened to their observations and requests, and quickly directed to take the legal action in this regard.

The Public Prosecutor said during his meeting with the employees of the Public Prosecution branch in the region: “The Public Prosecution enjoys great support and great care from our wise leadership, in order to provide criminal protection and guarantee the rights of every citizen and resident in the country. The Great, armed with the help of God Almighty and the enthusiasm of the young men and women of the nation.”


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