June 1, 2023

The secret to making shrimp cakes in West Lake

Ho Tay shrimp cake has the natural sweetness of shrimp, the crunchy crust, combined with the sweet and sour sauce that many diners “cannot forget”.

– Total time: 1 hour 30 minutes (1 hour preparation, 30 minutes cooking).

– Level: Medium

Serving size: 4-5 people

Calorie content: 2758 kcal

The yellow shrimp cakes, just put into the mouth, are crunchy, sweet with the seasoning and the sweet and sour taste of the sauce, hard to resist. Image: Bui Thuy.

1. Raw materials:

a) The flour for the crust:

– 250 grams of flour (You should choose wheat flour number 11 or 13 for long crispiness)

– 50 grams of rice flour.

– 30 grams of cornstarch.

– 1-2 eggs.

1/2 teaspoon of salt.

– 1/4 teaspoon turmeric powder to make the cake golden.

1/4 teaspoon baking powder

– Mixed water: 1.5 cans of carbonated water (7 Up or beer) to help the cake crispy + 70ml of water.

b) The potato and shrimp portion:

– 450 grams of shrimp. If you can choose fresh shrimp caught from West Lake with thin shell, firm meat, natural sweet taste is the best. If not, choose fresh fried shrimp (ground shrimp), thin shells.

– 650-700 grams of sweet potato

– Spices: seasoning seeds, ground pepper, garlic powder, onion powder (or use fresh garlic, minced dried onion).

c) The melon contribution:

– 1 young oyster (or 1/2 papaya)

– 1 medium carrot

– Garlic, chili, sugar, vinegar, salt

d) Fish sauce portion: Mix according to the ratio of fish sauce: vinegar: sugar: water is 1: 1: 1: 5. (250ml cool boiled water, 50ml fish sauce, 50ml sugar, 50ml vinegar, minced chili garlic).

e) Side vegetables and herbs (optional).

Not a delicacy of delicacy, but Ho Tay shrimp cake has entered the subconscious of many generations of people in Hanoi.  Photo: Bui Thuy.

Not the delicacy of the delicacy, but the shrimp cake West Lake has entered the subconscious of many generations of people in Hanoi. Image: Bui Thuy.

2. How to:

a) Prepare materials:

– How to mix powder:

In a large mixing bowl, beat the eggs. Use a sieve to sift flour, rice flour, cornstarch. Add salt, turmeric powder, baking powder to the egg bowl and mix well.

+ Add 1.5 cans of carbonated water (7 Up or beer), 70ml of water and then beat, let the flour rest for 1-2 hours.

– How to make melon crispy and delicious:

+ Young clams, cut blocks or trim the flowers as you like, sliced. Then mix with 1 teaspoon of refined salt for 4-5 minutes to cook, the carrot “release water” to make it more crispy. Then, rinse off some water, squeeze your hands gently (pay attention not to squeeze too hard to break).

+ Add 2 tablespoons of sugar, 2 tablespoons vinegar, 1/2 teaspoon of refined salt, add garlic, minced chili and mix well.

– Mix fish sauce: According to the ratio of fish sauce: sugar: vinegar: water is 1: 1: 1: 5. In a bowl, let in boiling water, sugar, vinegar and stir to dissolve the sugar completely, then add fish sauce. Finally, add the chopped chili garlic to the surface to look beautiful (the secret is that the sugar has to dissolve completely before the chili garlic emerges).

+ Shrimp with black thread on the back, washed, marinated a little seasoning seeds, pepper.

+ How to peel potatoes: Sweet potatoes are peeled, cut into small matchsticks and then soaked in clear lime water or dilute salt water so as not to darken. Then, rinse it several times.

b) How to fry shrimp cakes: So fry 2 times the fire, the cake will be crispy longer:

– Pick up the sweet potatoes and mix well.

– Put the pan on the stove, cover the cake with oil, turn on the stove. Use the tip of the chopstick if you notice that the oil has reached a hot temperature.

– Use patch (specialized for fried shrimp cakes) or ladle soup, scoop flour and sweet potatoes, pick up shrimp dipped in flour, then place on top (1-2 as you like).

– Then, fry them until the wings turn yellow. Note: Turn the sides so that the cake is cooked evenly, if the shrimp falls off, scoop more water powder to stick the cake. Do one at a time until the end.

– Then, fry a second time for crispy gold, and put on oil blotting paper.

– Ho Tay shrimp cake dipped in sweet and sour fish sauce, added melon, served with delicious raw vegetables.

Bui Thuy


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