December 2, 2021

“The United” crowns Karam with 250 thousand dinars

Yesterday, Ahli United Bank conducted a quarterly draw on the “Islamic harvest” account, with full adherence to preventive guidelines from health authorities, which resulted in the winner, Karima Khudair Karam, getting 250,000 dinars.

The Hassad draws include many prizes, including a prize of 100,000 dinars in each of the two holidays, while the quarterly grand prize of 250,000 dinars remains the most important thing that customers aspire to in order to achieve their dreams and aspirations.

Fawaz Al-Khaled Mukarram Al-Rai'i

All this is accompanied by a monthly prize draw of 100,000 dinars, in addition to 20 weekly prizes of one thousand dinars for each winner.

In addition to this package of attractive prizes, clients receive annual profits expected on the basis of the agency contract, within this account, which makes the “Islamic harvest” useful for the family and those who wish to save in general, through achieving many advantages, whether in the short term or in the long term. Which corresponds to the approval and appreciation of the various customers, whether they are new or existing.

The bank noted that for the first time in Kuwait, a quarterly preference draw of 25,000 dinars was offered, exclusively for customers who did not win any of the Islamic harvest prizes during the last five years, provided that one year has passed since their account was opened, as every 50 dinars is available in the customers account Within this category there is one chance to participate in the draw.

The “Al-Hassad” account won the “Best Saving Program in Kuwait for the Year 2019” award from the prestigious “Banker Middle East” magazine, due to its many unique features, including that it is the simplest and easiest savings program that offers the largest number of winners the largest value of prizes, and for its distinction. With special withdrawals during Eid Al-Fitr and Eid Al-Adha, as well as multiples of loyalty program points, with a unique feature to open an account online.

This comes in addition to the integrity and transparency of the prize draws, as they are broadcasted through radio programs and bank accounts via social media.

The account offers its clients the largest number of chances to win throughout the year, through more than 800 prizes annually, and has been able to reshape the lives of thousands of lucky winners.

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