May 16, 2021

«The United» supports graduation projects for «Engineering and Petroleum»

Ahli United Bank provided its financial support and sponsorship for a group of graduation projects for students of the College of Engineering and Petroleum at Kuwait University, which aim to combat environmental pollution and work to protect the environment, based on its community program aimed at empowering youth.

The projects that the National Bank sponsored this year include a project to achieve sustainable development in accordance with Kuwait’s Vision 2035, which aims to reduce agricultural pollution in Kuwait, through the use of water treatment, to maintain a healthy environment free of pollutants, and to improve water quality to provide clean water.

The idea of ​​the project is based on the establishment of a factory that receives agricultural pollutants such as banana and orange peels, which constitute the largest percentage of agricultural waste in Kuwait, and it goes through several specific operations to produce natural materials to treat polluted water instead of using chemicals in that.

The General Manager of Customer Protection, head of the bank’s social responsibility team, Sahar Dashti, stated that «the United» is always keen to participate in supporting events that contribute to empowering youth and developing community members from various groups, explaining that he selects annually a number of distinguished graduation projects for students of the College of Engineering. And petroleum, which serves one of the main pillars of its social responsibility and provides it with means of support and care.

Dashti added, “We were pleased with our participation in supporting the innovative ideas and advanced modern vision of the youth energies of our Kuwaiti children, whom we consider the main pillar for the development of society and building a better future for the country, through their ideas that can provide a positive addition to society.”

Dashti confirmed that the bank’s contribution in supporting these projects confirms its continuous role in supporting everything related to the field of education and innovation, pointing out that it seeks to present a positive example to be emulated to the rest of the banking institutions to participate in the development and development of Kuwait, hoping for success and success for all students in their graduation projects and in Their next working life.

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