January 28, 2023

Thyroid tumors, growing cases: the chemical pollution hypothesis is being studied

It is estimated that every year around 13,200 Italians (3,300 males and 9,900 females) will fall ill with thyroid cancerwhich represents 3-4% of new cancer diagnoses in our country. Young women (under 50) are most affected. among which this tumor is the most frequent after that of the breast. According to the most recent statistics, 5-year survival from diagnosis exceeds 90% and 10-year survival reaches over 97%. Having a thyroid nodule (or even more than one) is a far from uncommon episode,” he explains Luciano Pezzullo, head of thyroid cancer surgery at the Pascale National Cancer Institute of Naples —: in reality, several studies have shown that the majority of benign and asymptomatic nodules kept under control for five years prove to be harmless in the end (so much so that we speak of diagnosis “superfluous”). And even when it comes to cancer, thyroid cancer in general (and some variants in particular) has good behavior: that is, in practice these nodules do not growthey do not give local or distant metastases, they cannot cause the death of the patient.

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