December 2, 2021

TV actor Paras Kalnawat orders Nothing earphones, Flipkart makes sure her got ‘NOTHING in the box’

Tribune Web Desk

Chandigarh, October 17

E-commerce delivery mishaps are a regular these days and celebrities are no exception from it. This time, it is TV actor Paras Kalnawat who dealt with it. He received an empty box of ‘Nothing Ear-1 earphones’. The ‘Anupamaa’ series fame Paras had placed an order for a pair of earphones from Flipkart and what he received in the package was ‘NOTHING’.

The actor shared a picture of the empty box and complained about the poor service and how Flipkart, an e-commerce giant, might lose customers and goodwill if such events keep repeating. Paras took to Twitter to share his experience as he wrote, “So Here I Have Received Nothing In @nothing box From @Flipkart. Flipkart is actually getting worse with time and soon people are going to stop purchasing products from @Flipkart.”

Acknowledging the mistake, Flipkart was quick to act on the complaint. An official from the company wrote, “Sorry to hear that. We understand your concern about the order. We’re here to help you. Please share the order ID with us so that we can look into it and assist you further. Awaiting your response.”

On seeing Paras’ tweet, netizens shared their experiences of delivery errors. There were some who said they’ve stopped ordering from Flipkart.

It’s not a first in the world of e-commerce. We’ve heard of people receiving wrong products packed inside the right boxes, especially when it comes to gadgets.

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