September 29, 2021

“Vision” from “Burgan”… Continuous upgrading of the human element

– Al-Qadi: The program reflects our firm and continuous commitment to nurturing and developing future banking leaders
– In response to the Central Bank’s plan to prepare local competencies to hold senior executive positions in banks
Al-Qattan: We adopt a diverse and integrated methodology that focuses on virtual workshops, project preparation and implementation

Burgan Bank launched its pioneering training program “Vision” in February 2020, organized by the Learning and Competency Development Department of the Human Resources and Development Group, in a move that confirms its firm commitment to implementing its strategy based on supporting and developing the human element.

The training programs that are organized in the bank’s training center, and through the online learning and development portal, focus on supporting the capabilities of talented employees, and qualifying them to acquire the latest work methods and skills that enable them to keep pace with changes in market requirements and the rapid and growing development of the banking sector.

60 participants will participate in the “Vision” program, who have been divided into 3 groups according to their current job levels and competencies, which are “Al-Nusour”, “Arrows” and “Al-Baraem”. Each group follows a carefully designed educational path to help the participants develop their skills and knowledge in their various fields of specialization.

The “Vision” program comes within the framework of the bank’s continuous efforts to implement all stages of its digital transformation strategy, and as part of its continuous efforts to support the human element and take care of promising talents. Burgan believes that these efforts are essential to enhancing its capabilities and maintaining its leadership position at the local and regional levels. This program confirms its commitment to its core values ​​of trust, commitment, excellence and progress, which it is keen to instill in its promising young employees, to prepare a new generation of banking leaders who are able to Supporting its development and the banking sector as a whole, and contributing to the sustainability and development efforts sought by all.

Head of the Learning and Competency Development Department Ghada Al-Qadi said that a “vision for talents” was launched by Burgan in February 2020 for a period ranging between two and three years, in confirmation of its firm and continuous commitment to sponsoring and developing future banking leaders in Kuwait, and in response to the Central Bank of Kuwait’s strategic plan to prepare talent To take up senior executive positions in Kuwaiti banks.

She added that this program aims to prepare future senior Kuwaiti employees at Burgan, by qualifying promising talented employees and enabling them to acquire the latest banking and leadership skills, which will enable them to deliver outstanding performance in the future.

For his part, the Director of Learning and Competency Development, Bashar Al-Qattan, said that the participants in the “Vision” program from all teams and different levels, showed an exceptional commitment to the program, and a keenness to learn and develop, especially under the current unprecedented circumstances.

He stressed the keenness of the Learning and Competency Development Department to provide a distinguished educational journey for Burgan employees, through a diverse and integrated methodology, focusing on virtual workshops, project preparation and implementation, job rotation, as well as individual training, trainings that allow obtaining certificates, and external opportunities to develop Executive skills in cooperation with the Kuwait Foundation for the Advancement of Sciences and with the best local and international universities.

Al-Qattan pointed out that the program drew on the expertise of distinguished people with global skills in their fields of specialization, indicating that an e-learning platform was allocated for each group to provide tools for self-assessment, reading materials, online learning paths and group discussions.

Exceptional Leadership Journey

The “Al-Nusour” team brings together the leading senior employees who joined Burgan, and who contribute with their experience and competence in implementing its strategy and achieving its objectives. leadership.

The Acting Head of Operations in the Operations Group Department, Mohamed Al-Zayed, said that “Vision” is a wonderful training initiative that motivates participants to exert their utmost efforts to achieve the best results.

He added that, through the courses carefully designed and prepared by the Learning and Development Department, he was able to enhance his knowledge and capabilities, and develop his capabilities in effective communication skills, which include speaking confidently and fluently, delivering effective speeches, preparing projects and plans and presenting them within a short period of time.

Professional software

For her part, Head of the Finance and Trade Unit in the Financial Institutions Department, Diaa Al-Othman, said, “I was able to develop many basic skills, gain a deeper understanding of leadership ability, and various knowledge related to setting a strategy for developing a strategy and achieving superior performance.”

wide knowledge

In a related context, the Head of the Cards Products Unit in the Credit Cards Department, Abdullah Al-Maqsed, explained that “Vision” is a very inspiring and stimulating program, because it presents innovative ideas and provides extensive knowledge in various topics and fields, with practical and applied studies.

He stated that he gained a greater understanding through his participation in the program of the current challenges and opportunities in the labor market, indicating that he benefited greatly from the various educational and training materials that included clear and useful videos and presentations.

Empowering future leaders

The “Arrows” team included a group of young leaders who have distinguished skills in working independently and exceptional performance in all their tasks. Its members can choose between topics that enable them to develop their knowledge and skills in various fields, including risk management, audit management, financial management, information technology management, as well as business. Commercial support and control.

The Director of Public Relations in the Group’s Marketing Communications Department, Hessa Al-Najada, expressed her pride in being chosen by the bank’s senior management to join the “Vision” program, pointing out that she learned a lot about the role and responsibilities of other departments in the bank, and affirmed her aspiration to learn more and gain more skills and experiences that support The development of her career.

She praised the bank’s keenness, despite the continuing challenges resulting from the spread of the Corona pandemic, to continue providing training and distance education, through the electronic platform supervised by an elite group of experts in the banking sector.

attract energies

The Director of Information Technology Operations in the Information Technology Department, Ahed Okasha, stated that he recently joined Burgan, which is known for its keenness to attract distinguished youth energies, noting that he noticed his great interest in supporting the development and development of employees’ skills.

The Director of the Martyr Hamad Al-Rashed branch stated that the “Vision” program constituted a wonderful training opportunity through which he was introduced to new areas of work, and provided a rich and diverse set of knowledge and practical skills, to support professional capabilities, and enable participants to participate effectively in implementing the bank’s strategy and contributing to its success journey.

highly professional

The Assistant Director of Strategic Financial Planning, Muhammad Al-Dosari, confirmed that Burgan considers the development of the human element one of its core values, saying, “Through this program, I acquired with other participants a set of personal and practical skills, which we will be keen to pass on to the rest of the colleagues to advance the banking business in the bank for a distinguished level of professionalism.”

Investing in energies

Employees who joined the bank and who have demonstrated a remarkable level of commitment and loyalty were given the opportunity to participate in a vision program within the Baraem team, where the young trainees will be prepared to take on leadership roles in their respective fields through an integrated learning experience.

The SWIFT operations officer in banking operations, Fawaz Hassan, revealed that, through the Vision program, he was able to identify the gaps in his performance, and learn the methods that help him to address them by improving his skills, knowledge and productivity, pointing out that this wonderful experience motivated him more to develop his performance.

Development of Leadership Skills

The auditor in the Internal Audit Group, Sheikha Al-Farsi, indicated that the program contributed to the development and development of her leadership skills, and had a significant positive impact on her job performance by focusing on enabling participants to acquire the skills necessary to effectively deal with various challenges and overcome them to achieve the desired goals.

skill enhancement

Anoud Al-Khalfan, Customer Relations Officer at Personal Banking Group, said, “I am a very ambitious and enthusiastic person, and I am proud to participate in the Vision Program, which provided me with an excellent opportunity to expand my knowledge in an increasingly challenging environment, deepen my understanding of the banking sector, and enhance my existing skills in all aspects of the activity. the banker.”

Hard working

Assistant Director of Strategic Financial Planning, Bader Al-Jassim, said, “I felt satisfied and proud after the senior management chose me to participate in the program, and I realized that hard work always pays off, as this program is an ideal opportunity to gain more knowledge about the banking sector and new business systems, which will be useful very much in the future.”

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