May 16, 2021

“Warba”: 10 winners of the “Sunbulah” draw

Warba Bank announced the names of 10 winners of the twelfth weekly Sunbulah raffle, in the presence of a representative of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the bank’s employees. “Warba” pointed out that 10 clients each got 1,000 dinars, and they are Walid Khaled Uzairan Al-Hujailan, Ali Ahmed Ali Al-Sumaiti, Adnan Abdullah Ta’mah Al-Khalidi, guest Allah Hamad Dhaif Allah Al-Haqqan Al-Azmi, Saad Eid Muhammad Al-Falah, and Nawahi Saleh Al-Azmi. And Khaled Jazea Gifin Al-Azmi, Muhammad Yusef Yaqoub Hussein, Khaled Muhammad Salem Al-Ajmi, and Muhammad Matar Mazyad Al-Shammari.

The Sunbulah account is the ideal choice for all those wishing to save money and achieve adequate financial returns on their balances at the same time, in addition to opportunities to win cash prizes throughout the year.

It now requires 100 dinars to enter the weekly Al-Sunbula draws and major draws, while the customer still gets one chance for every 10 dinars in the account.

The chances are calculated according to the lowest balance in the account during the month, and a full month must have passed in the account to qualify for the weekly draw, and two full months for the major draws to calculate the chances.

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