January 20, 2022

“Warba” is holding the “Al-Sunbula” grand draw today

Warba Bank announced that it will hold the Al-Sunbula Grand Draw today and announce the names of the winners at 2:00 pm on Radio 360 FM, in the presence of the representative of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and his employees.

The “Sunbula” account represents the best choice for all who wish to save money and achieve stable financial returns on their balances at the same time, in addition to obtaining opportunities to win cash prizes throughout the year.

The “Sunbula” account campaign in 2021 was characterized by mega draws on a semi-annual basis. Today, the draw will include 7 winners, with the first winner receiving 200,000 dinars, and 50,000 dinars for the second, with 5 winners crowned with 10,000 dinars each.

Warba explained that it now requires 100 dinars to enter the Al-Sunbula weekly and major draws, and that the customer gets one chance for every 10 dinars in the account, indicating that the chances are calculated according to the lowest balance in the account and that the amount must have been two months old. Complete before the big draws to calculate the chances.

The bank pointed out that there are no restrictions or limits for withdrawal and deposit, and that the greater the deposited amount, the greater the customer’s chances of profit, taking into account the minimum account minimum, noting that it allows “Al-Sunbula” deposit customers the opportunity to enter the Al-Sunbula account withdrawals for every 1,000 dinars in the deposit account, which is characterized by its compatibility With the provisions of Islamic Sharia, which is based on the investment agency, which is characterized by flexible investment periods, up to 60 months at the top, distributed according to the client’s desire, either monthly, annually or upon maturity.

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