September 29, 2021

Warba is the first Kuwaiti bank to join the MasterCard Digital First program.

Warba Bank has joined the “Digital First” program, which was launched by “MasterCard”, to become the first approved partner for this program in Kuwait, as this comes within the bank’s digital strategy, which aspires to provide digital banking solutions in which it is closest to its customers.

The head of the digital group at Warba, Muhammad Al-Sharif, explained that the “Digital First” program will provide instant payments and banking services to consumers, through the application of mobile banking services, such as the online application process, and the instant issuance of a card without a number in a digital way. The ability to view digital card data, and access a wide range of features and benefits completely securely.

Al-Sharif added that Warba’s joining this program will enable it to offer new cards to its customers, deal with it digitally, and start their contactless journey immediately without the need to visit any branch.

He stressed that Warba has successfully completed the standards of the Digital First program from MasterCard, by making the digital experience an essential channel for the main operations of cards, digital registration, payment operations, the ability to display card data, secure authentication, and card management, in addition to Alerts, and controls.

Al-Sharif stated that Warba, as a member of Digital First, can issue physical cards without numbers in the future, with an elegant design, explaining that these cards are completely devoid of numbers on both the front and back, which provides maximum protection against theft of personal information. and financial, and gives the user more peace of mind.

He noted that despite being without numbers, holders of these cards can easily use them to make e-commerce payments, as their card details are stored and managed securely within the Warba mobile banking application.

He stated that the “Digital First” program for cards from “MasterCard” paves the way in the payments industry, for the emergence of a new approach in line with the growth of digital commerce, the spread of digital devices, and meets the growing expectations of consumers regarding digital cards.

Unprecedented experience

Al-Sharif indicated that as Warba seeks to provide an unprecedented experience in the financial technology field to its customers through revolutionary products and services, the “Digital First” program, which is combined with a physical card without a number, enhances the levels of security and safety, and payment cards of the new generation, compared to payment cards. traditional and material.

He said, “Based on our position as a bank that aims to provide distinguished services and products to customers, we continue to innovate to provide our customers with simple and seamless digital banking solutions that enhance their experience and make their lives easier and more practical. Our partnership with (MasterCard) will allow us to enhance our capabilities in the field of payments and consolidate our leadership position in this field”.

In turn, Director of MasterCard in Kuwait, Iraq, Qatar and Oman, Nadia Ghassassi, confirmed that Warba’s joining the Digital First program and adopting digital transactions for users is a milestone for the bank and an important initiative in the banking and payments sector in Kuwait.

She added that the transition to digital devices with pairing with a physical backup card without numbers, is a major development that will change the rules of the game, and provide greater security and control for consumers, when making online or direct payments, expressing her happiness to provide the security and ease involved in this program in Kuwait.

She explained that the Digital First program was designed according to the highest security standards, to ensure the utmost safety and security for consumers, indicating that Warba’s enabling of this innovative technology would pave the way for a more advanced digital payment scene in the country, providing cardholders with more contactless ways. Security, to perform transactions.

She stressed that this new initiative highlights MasterCard’s commitment to promoting financial inclusion across the region and encouraging the adoption of secure digital payment methods by providing users with simpler, faster and safer payment methods.

Ghassassi noted that this program aims to continue to enhance and advance the payments industry, by leading the shift in the mindset of consumers, in terms of how payments are made, which leads to better, faster and more convenient payment experiences.

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