September 29, 2021

What are the 10 vaccines that are mandatory in Italy today (and the penalties for non-compliant ones)

a necessary requirement to access the nursery and kindergarten (not valid for compulsory schooling). For non-compliant families, penalties ranging from 100 to 500 euros are envisaged

In Italy, the political and bioethical debate on the mandatory nature of the anti-Covid vaccine is becoming increasingly heated. It is worth remembering that there are already 10 mandatory vaccines in our country. The decree law of 7 June 2007 (Lorenzin decree, Minister of Health who proposed it) brought the number of compulsory vaccinations in childhood and adolescence (0-16 years) from four to ten with the aim of counteracting the progressive decline in vaccinations in place since 2013.

Today, therefore, the mandatory vaccinations are:
anti-hepatitis B
anti-Haemophilus influenzae type b
anti-chickenpox (only for children born from 2017 onwards)
and must be administered according to a specific vaccination plan (which you can find here)

What are the consequences for non-compliant families? Children under six who are not vaccinated they cannot attend the kindergarten and kindergarten. This it is not valid for compulsory school (elementary, middle and two years of high school), where pupils are admitted even if not vaccinated.
For non-compliant parents the law provides penalties from 100 to 500 euros which decides the ASL of reference, not before having started a recovery process with families who are reluctant to vaccinations.

The obligation to vaccinate it fails if the child is immunized for contracting the natural disease, which must be proven through a copy of the notification from the attending physician to the ASL or through a certificate issued free of charge by the family doctor or pediatrician. The vaccination obligation can also be canceled or postponed in case of danger to the health of the minor, or if there are conditions that do not allow – temporarily or permanently – the administration of one or more vaccines among the ten indicated. These conditions must be certified free of charge by the family doctor or pediatrician.

Families, while risking possible sanctions and the impossibility of sending their children to kindergarten, retain the possibility of not vaccinating their children. No nurse will go house to house to force the injection on those who do not want it. And no swimming pool, no football school, no restaurant asks for the vaccination card before entering.

With the vaccine anti-Covid will not meet a mandatory TSO, of course, but in addition to the penalties, the number of activities for which the vaccine will be required will be so numerous and so important (think of work) that a social life without the double dose is impossible.

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