June 24, 2021

Will we be able to remove our mask when we are vaccinated?

THE CHEKING PROCESS – While vaccinated Americans can now remove their masks, France simply allows them to be removed in a private place, between people who have benefited from a complete vaccination schedule, and on condition of respecting the other barrier gestures.

QUESTION – Take off the mask! While vaccinated Americans have just been authorized to remove this piece of tissue from their noses, the French health authorities have not spoken in this direction for the moment. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, announced this Thursday, May 13 the lifting of the obligation to wear a mask for all Americans who have received two injections, outside and inside. A few exceptions were made, including its use in public transport, hospitals, prisons and homeless shelters.

Currently, in France, breathing in the open air is only allowed in private places, provided that each person has benefited from a complete vaccination schedule, and that the barrier gestures are respected, announced the High Council of Public Health on April 26. But then, can we hope to remove this mask, which has become the symbol of the pandemic, once vaccinated as is the case across the Atlantic?

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